Is Duran replacing Moss as the top tier healer?

I’m not really seeing anyone use Moss anymore, has everyone just ditched him for Duran?

Moss has never been the top tier healer since the good old days,

And before Duran got his mythic he was already the top healer, by using his gun on manual, one ammo clip can fully charge his bronze ammo, and now after his buff (making his silver charge faster) he is now the most powerful healer, and completely uncontested.

I’d always played with moss in my team ever since I got him, he helped a lot with his golden skill which makes him do a lot of damage and whenever he sacrifices health for my other heroes before they die in pvp and the pve modes, and plus he had gameplay which stood out of most heroes in the game, he had only one round per shot and a slow reload. One thing I really loved about him was that he could literally heal himself right away if there’s a hero right next to him with his healing cloud ability unlike Duran who sometimes needs another healer with him since his self healing ability takes time, or in some cases doesn’t even happen if he’s being shot at.

Indeed using the healing colloid on yourself strategically is always fun, wish Duran could use hit bronze in himself by aiming straight down to target himself
(Sidenote, image they made a legendary skin where he could shoot his darts as enemies to deal the same amount of damage as his heal)

Moss was an ok choice at the start, but hes not an ideal choice in higher levels. Duran is by far a better choice

That entirely depends on whether you take Moss for his crit synergy. This combined with Mauler or especially Commando is ridiculous with the healing and would heal far better and more consistent than duran

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The problem with Duran now is that he becomes too heavy in a PvP team. I prefer the strongest hero to be the damage dealer, not the healer.

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