Hero Spotlight: Duran

Icon_ElementBio DURAN

Faction_ColorIcon UAF AIRBORNE

Duran, the Stimulant Manufacturer and Dealer, joins the Hunt! With a burst SMG and powerful Healing skills, this Rear Line Hero can keep his allies in the fight while dipping into his private supply of stimulants to keep his own health topped up.

Primary Weapon - Herstal PDW

Skills Header

Healing Shot

Bronze Ability


Duran fires a medi-dart at the targeted allied Hero, healing them and giving them bonus Health for 5 seconds.

Rapid Response

Silver Ability


Automatically targets the allied Hero with the lowest remaining Health. Targets below 50% Health recover Health.Targets above 50% Health recover Health per second for 15 seconds.


Gold Ability - Passive Skill


Whenever an allied Hero is below 50%, they receive an additional 25% Health from all Healing abilities. Additionally, whenever Duran heals an ally, he recovers Health. The self-heal can only trigger once every 20 seconds.

Synthetic Stimulants

Platinum Ability - Passive Skill

Allies healed by Duran also receive a boost to their Fire Rate by 20%, Movement by 40%, and Reload Speed by 50% for a limited time.

Where can I get Duran?!

Frag Crate Frag raid

Duran will be available through Crates and Co-op raids!

What do think of Duran? Let us know in the comments!


Great…UAFA…Not like the Magis are shy of coming out of the CH but… Duran seems cool as a healer and buffer with his plat. I wonder if Heim is a good pair for him with his healing boost as well…

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Magistrates only had 1 bounty so far, most of the teams had 3 lol. And even that one magis bounty was a bit messed up :frowning:

How many stars will he be?

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Normally 5 stars :wink::wink::wink::wink::wink::wink:

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did someone say bio chem?

Edit: when was a p90 a bust?

It will be refreshing to see the UAF for a month, even if it’s just the UAFA (hope it’s both). And I believe that’s the first biochem for the UAF or UAFA ever isn’t it?

dont forget: a new healer!

Are we sure he is not one of them?


it doesn’t look like Duran has a cleft chin, so probably the guy in the back.

LOL, he looks to be OP.

I’d rather a bio DPS, even tho, I like it.

Nice shoes. :syringe:




Why ask us what we think? we already said numerous times, bio dps…yet you always give us a crappy healer!


Yesssss, a Bio Healer! Can’t wait for him to drop! Thanks HH!


Keep in mind that these heroes are well into development long before they are released. Even if HH could generate a hero to spec based on what we asked for, it sure wouldn’t come out quick like. I personally like the way Duran looks and look forward to playing him to see what he’s really got under the hood. I welcome a new healer because all the really good ones I have are all starred and barred and I could use a new one for my lower power teams.


Captain Cold’s lesser-known cousin :joy:

In honesty though, I do like this character. He sounds like a fusion between Nightingale and Heim.

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A bio, thank God. It’s been awhile.

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How many people know what “Atouk Alunda Lana” is from? One of the best movies ever made! Yeah, i’m exited for a Bio too!

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Atouk zug zug Tala lol