Is there a place to get coins or gold

I could really use money or its.s

If you play the game you will be rewarded gold in the eventually. Look for PVP Tournaments or Brawls, they sometimes have gold as a reward. Also complete the daily quests, when you finish 13 of them you get a small gold reward. Play missions on Hard for extra gold. Check Tapjoy.
Or pay dollars.

For bucks (in game currency that looks like money) make sure to do your best in the Gauntlet each day. That’s your main source of bucks.
Then complete 3 co-op raids: more bucks. You also get bucks from event rewards and for completing campaign missions.

You can get gold when you finish 13 daily tasks. It gives you 30 gold and some hero fragments. Some achievements give you gold. 3 star hard missions. Some log in bonus. Tapjoy is an option.

For in-game cash, you could do few rounds of gauntlet.

Sometimes patrols give you gold.

Or use Google rewards to purchase the month reward. It will also help you with VIP