How can I get about 600 gold in 6 days without hard missions?

I need 600 gold to open prophet crates but I ran out of ideas, I do daily quest daily, I fought all hard missions available, I completed most achievement within my power, what else can I do to get 100 gold daily?

Lol go buy gold from gold stores
Alternatively play PvP for whole day and wish to het gold from PvP crates or try Gorgons crates too

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All u can do is buy it :/.

Hmmm… Win a lot of PvP and hope you get lucky from pvp crate, gorgon crate has gold too, you could open 5 everyday if you trade the gorgon coop at max level. Ads, Tapjoy give gold too, Tapjoy takes a while depending on what u chose. Complete districts in normal missions gives you 25 gold in achievements, and each 3 star you get in normal missions gives u opportunity for extra 5 gold for an ad. Extreme and hard missions give max of 20 gold for each 3 star, with bonus ad you get 5 extra. So far three starring hard and extreme missions is the fastest way to get gold unless u finish all of them or are very lucky at crates. Also don’t forget about events that give gold as rewards and alliance patrol rewards can also give gold.
However what I would usually do in that situation is wait and save my gold for later. This is a lot more beneficial in the long run unless ur really desperate for the featured seven-star hero. Usually if I wait I can accumulate enough gold for 3 openings of a special crate in the next month.

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You could buy it. Or open up that piggy bank. Other than this, tapjoy but it has its issues at time it seems. Best bet is to just buy a brief purchase. You could do the $5 subscription for like 30 days. Gets you gold daily (150 iirc)

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The 4.99 Marlowe offers are good you get 600 gold and 5 marlowe crate tokens

Or tapjoy if you’re lucky and have android you can get the games

Are you guaranteed to get prophet with 600 gold? Cause if not your better off trying to get prophet from the heronium store with time

What I had to do. With the last pvp tournament I was finally able to get him after two years lol

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Daily quest, definitly do gorgon wakes, can give you 40 gold, try to catch some events, watch daily gold, maybe even tapjoy offers, otherwise pvp, crate can give you gold to

I feel bad for you, I got him a few months ago, but then I got litteraly one gilded crate for all 4 accounts and guess what, all my alts have prophet

No tier of the prophet crate guarantees him. you get like 20 frags per tier but that’s it, there is no 100% guarantee no matter how much gold you spend

Still, it is cheaper than 10x hero crates.

On Apple iOS Tapjoy there is a survey link with many surveys you can set up account with. Scroll for it I. Tapjoy there is a purple icon and red icon. Don’t lie on surveys, they keep track of who you are for marketing purposes. Easily get well over 100 gold a day.

Alternatively pvp all day is the way to go. Free play during faction fight always has more gold crate drops.

Glad you have luck with those I never have

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