A quick question

How can i go and win from here without buying gold

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What’s with the e-mail adress? You get 30 gold / day if you complete the daily quests.
To win you have to aim well and shoot your opponents before they shoot you.

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I couldn’t have said it better myself :slight_smile:

I changed the name of your topic. It’s not appropriate to put an e-mail address openly on the forum like that.

Dailies, TapJoy, PVP and events

Win Hard mode missions. At the level I’m at, I think it’s 25 gold per 3 star!

daily objectives, you can win gold from crates, from alliance patrols, 3 star hard missions, some achievements, tapjoy offers.

now, you can also download the google survey app. answer surveys (when available) and they give you a little bit of cash. save enough to get the month gold drop and thats it.

Google survey app? I am intrigued.

Basically you’d get notified about a survey. Questions like if you have heard about certain products or companies in the past few months, stuff like that. In the end it can give you some cash. And by some its like 10 cents here, 48 cents there. It varies. Sometimes it doesn’t give you anything. But still, just save up what you can to buy that month gold pack and that’s it.

Thanks! I downloaded the app earlier today, about 14h. ago. Still no surveys so this gonna take time! I’ll keep it and hope for something - thanks for the heads-up.

I did do a tapjoy offer worth 800 gold! It’s been three weeks…and I even sent an email to the tapjoy guys… I haven’t yet been rewarded for it!
Tapjoy is fake guys…don’t trust those offers!

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I have made several Tapjoy offers, most of them successful but occasionally they just screw up. Was in a long loop trying to make them accept my “proof” but they kept asking for the same proof over and over. Even Hothead got in contact with them but they refused to respect me so I stopped doing their offers definitely.

All from doing TapJoy offers, I’m a not a PVP nor am I good PVP player

Here’s my amount now as well so I can say by personal experience I have no troubles with TapJoy

I have tried a few of the tapjoy offers. They seemed good, but I get bored trying to get it. When it’s like “reach level 20 of your home base” but it is a slow process, I don’t bother playing the other game.

Don’t try the pirate island game - it’s INFURIATING slow.
Also avoid the… What’s it called again… Some kind of muslim themed build-a-kingdom game… Something with “desert”. It’s not possible to reach 3 million in such short time - I tried for a few days and asked the veterans of the game - they laughed me off and said “good luck with that”.

The Star Wars RPG game is doable.

I had some final fantasy one, some castle crush or something. Both being very boring and slow

The Final Fantasy offer I did was extremely boring - I ended up spending a buck or two in the game to get all resources I needed to complete the task of reaching 100.000 power or whatever it was. I got something along the lines of 2400 gold in HH so I guess it was a dollar well spent after all.

The real infuriating thing about TapJoy is the random rewars (probably because of countries and so).

I get 12 gold from spending real money in Art of Conquest, or 200 gold for the highest Final Fantasy offer.

No way Im bothering with TapJoy with such low rewards.

The current set-up of Tapjoy “offers” is the worst I’ve seen. Buy a christian inspired t-shirt for 25 bucks, get 150 HH gold? Please…
Do you know if we can MAKE these purchases, get our gold and then request a refund? Refunds are usually not a probelm as long as the product ain’t delivered yet. I don’t even need the gold, just wanna be an activist and prove the bad design of these offers.

Hothead should get a new Tapjoy contract.