Is there a way to Run HERO HUNTERS on my PC?

Hello fellow Hero Hunters, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if there is a different way that I don’t know about to download the game and play it on my PC… I tried on my parent’s tablet and google play is saying there are no eligible devices to download the game to…Wondering if any of you have figured out some kind of workaround. I tried BlueStacks and had no luck running it with that. Unfortunately my phone was confiscated and i’m just trying to find a way to contact an officer or member in my alliance to let them know I wont be on until Im allowed to pick up my phone from the local police station tomorrow. (praying that its tomorrow i can pick it up) Go figure, my parents other flip phone that is an active line and can receive texts and calls, I was able to keep; But my iPhone which does not have an active line to receieve msgs or calls was confiscated for “evidence.” Please let me know if anyone knows of a workaround so that i’m able to play on my PC. Appreciate it guys! Thank you!

I can let an officer know if you want? I don’t know about google play but I have my second account oh my iPad Pro and as far as I know there’s no PC version of hero hunters, unfortunately.

Thinking the only way would be to find an Android / iOS emulator and run that - but from my experience I can say that emulators like that are far from a better experience than running the app on the actual phone.

Nox Maybe ?

Boy, how did you get your phone confiscated by the police? That sounds serious.