PC console version when?

HHG we need other platform versions I think men’s Pc Console

I use an android emulator called Bluestacks on my PC. But just like with Hero hunterson android, your PC needs to be able to handle the graphics.

Used bluestacks 4 all it would do is crash when I used it

Have you tried Memu Play? I updated my Bluestacks and it would crash. Had to uninstall it and do a clean install. Which deleted all the old Bluestacks stuff.

Bluestacks worked fine. It was hero hunters that wouldn’t load and crash immediately. I use nox

Give Memu Play a try. If that doesn’t work it might mean your PC can’t handle Hero Hunters. Might.

Lol. Brand new gaming laptop. What is memu

“Memu Play” is another android emulator. I had Nox also, but I used it for different games since HH wouldn’t run on that either.

How did this thread turned from pc platform to emulators? both are never the same thing.


You can emulate the game, however if you choose to do so please be aware that updating the game may cause it to crash and never open again on the emulator without a fresh install the said emulator. HH should not be transferred to other consoles, it is most profitable and fair on the mobile platform, the introduction of controllers would unbalance and not to mention the cost-to-benefit of moving platform would be ridiculous. Just enjoy it on your mobile, you always have it on you and it’s quick and easy to play for 5 minutes then leave for a few hours, that’s how the game is designed, despite some of the playerbase playing fo 5 hours straight grinding in tourneys.

Why is it more profitable and fair on mobile?

Some points I already made were this isn’t candy crush or some quick, easy pass the time game. It’s nice to see the graphics on a bigger screen and hear the sound the game has.

Devs have voice actors in the studio for sound yet most people just keep their mobile devices on mute. Being able to play on a pc via emulator is normally where people have their sound system set up and would play unmuted.

Typing on a small touchscreen phone is sketchy at best. Especially with war which requires a lot of typing between teams. So much easier coordinating battles using a computer keyboard.

Finally that’s bull what you say about not updating it or it will crash without a fresh install of the emulator.

Firstly updating (this month’s update) is forced. You open the game, it says you have to update.

Secondly. After it no longer working on emulators I have updated bluestack, uninstalled it and reinstalled it. Tried Nox. Tried memu. Uninstalled and reinstalled the game and it still won’t work on any.

From what I have heard, nobody has got it working on emulators since this update so it isn’t an option anymore.

It’s clearly down to the games coding and it will only work on emulators again if the code causing emulators problems is countered in the next update or the emulator devs find a way to get it working and release a patch.

Both options are highly unlikely

I am not agreeing, I liked using the Em when I was doing work in the background etc it keeps me from contantly checking my phone. I also agree about typing and hearing the game, I am not against you on this I am just stating that updates in the past and now currently have caused the game to become unstable on Ems, althought usually a reinstall fixes the issue. No EMs work anymore, but it is not just tied to EMs it is also some android devices that no longer work as well. I doubt this was done so maliciously more over it is a side effect of something that has been changed in the way the game launches as stated previously. Time will tell if the game get’s patched

So will there be any fixes? Tablet still not working

No clue bud, just have to wait and see. Send an email to support with the device information.

It’s a pretty poor show by devs.

Not done maliciously but I feel appalled by the mods’s public comments about it here. Moreso how it can corrupt game files and whatever else.

People, many with money who fund this game enjoy playing on emulators. Dev’s don’t support emulators? So what? They certainly support the money emulator players pay out to buy stuff in the game.

It works both ways. Either they get with it and accept emulator players are customers just like any other or they ban and delete all players who have tried to play on emulators.

No point mods spouting all that false crap about emulators potentially doing harm to player profiles etc

Hey guys,

Our official line is that we do not endorse the use of emulators, as I said. You’re free to believe what you like or interpret our words how you like, but as I said, we don’t endorse the use of emulators, and cannot provide support for any accounts who have confirmed usage of an emulator.

I’ll remind everyone to periodically review the FAQ/Guidelines, as this topic has several examples of failing to adhere to those rules. I’ll be closing this topic now, but rest assured, all of your thoughts about emulation and a PC version of the game have been forwarded. Thanks.