It’s time to nerf voltage in pvp

My voltage is maxed and I enjoy stunning my opponent in PvP. However, I think it’s time to nerf her as her stun is ruining PvP. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure it out that her stun will create the lightening feast, or give verrill 5 precious seconds to become the killing machine. Although it’s possible but it’s not easy to disrupt her stun too.
Homerun is great fun and can beat verrill easily. But my homerun team has been wiped out by voltage teams many times, which is not right! It seems there’s no natural enemy for such set up, more and more people are forced to use such team, or its variants. This has made the game boring even more than before.
A few suggestions:
-limit her stun to one or two opponents maximum
-shorten the stunning time
-delay her stun for 2-3 seconds
-make it easier to disrupt her stun

Any of these measures will bring back some balance in the game.Having said that, only nerf her in PvP though, as her stun is more than welcomed in all other modes.

You know, this topic is so incredibly hard. In one way she is waaaay overpowered to start with a 5 second team stun. But on the other hand she is absolutely mandatory for extreme, and nerfing this would make some things more impossible. And while it is ridiculous with lightning and some meta, it is incredibly fun and viable to use her with Kunochi for the stun damage, or Alvarez.
I quite honestly think the stun should stay. And it should either only stun enemies affected by her passive or they should lower her base damage. Which wouldn’t hurt in extreme since her stun and passive is her utility there

As much of a pain she is (and how essential she has become) I feel like there’s more to it than a nerf,
@Robert_Pronk had the idea that maybe only people effeceted by her gold ability should be stunned, or maybe even reduce her weapon damage.

But until it is looked into or anything, just gonna have to get used to it…

Edit; this didn’t post like 12 hours ago for some reason, just imagine I said this a while ago :wink:

Instead of complaining for a nerf, just find a better solution. Don’t be like that annoying kid that kept crying to nerf Stygia in an unnecessary way. And look what happened to her.

Imo, instead of nerfing Voltage, which is already proven that she’s very good for the extreme missions and bounty, I think it’s better if Deca make another hero to counter her…

You’re gonna need that 1 specific hero just to be prepared for one other hero. You would be limiting your creativity. In my opinion not a good solution.
However, any skilled player with a ruby tank, instant stun or disrupt and such can easily cancel her for pvp. It is just slightly boring to always have some form of counter or otherwise you risk your chances of winning

I never suggested nerfing her in extreme missions anyway. Of course a ruby tank like Mata might cancel her stun, but somehow it just does not work reliably for me. Other heroes with Tactcian skill can only target one opponent, why voltage shall be different?

Hehehe, I see you haven’t forgotten :))
But I didn’t solely nerf her, just brought up the topic, devs looked into it, they decided.

They could do the same here with voltage. However, unlike Stygia, she is very counter-able with mech elemental heros. Large mech damage really hurts for her.

However, can someone please for the love of god,

I find that barrels platnium renders both stygia and voltage near useless, even making lightning teams have less effect. It’s a mobile damage reducer and cleanse, it’s just so overpowered if you have the stars for him.

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