Jado’s Breakdown of - Barrel’s Hero Trailer

Hey everyone

Today I am here to present with all of you every thing I took away from this hero trailer, and everything that we know currently about this hero. But without any further ado, let’s begin!

#1) Hero Information and Statistics

While we don’t know everything about this hero, we do know certain things about them. Let’s start with what we know for as a fact.
This hero’s name is Barrel, followed by the description “a lesson in Justice”.
The faction of this hero, Barrel, is also confirmed to be Rangers.

Next let’s talk about what is more than likely going to happen.
We can assume that Barrel will be a hero of Astral Element, based on the yellow aspects of his armor.
We can also assume that he will be a 5 Star Hero like normal, as if he was something other than that we normally hear about it ahead of time.

Finally, this is pure speculation, but it is my guess that this hero is a Midline character, based in the look of his rifle, that we get shorts glimpses of in his Hero Trailer.

#2) Hero Design, and “Leaked” Images

Based on what we have seen, this hero seems to be taking on a more modernized look, compared to the last few heroes we’ve received, both from HHG, and DECA. I am happy to say that this hero isn’t reusing a FF character model, and that puts a smile on my face. :slight_smile:

The past 3 heroes/updates from DECA, while finished and released by them, the content within it was somewhat layed out for them to complete, HHG left them some small amounts to work with. This update is completely them. This hero is 100% designed by them, and not a FF remold, and (to the best of my knowledge) that is why we’ve been experiencing this delay.

Overall, I’m liking the design of the hero! The glimpses we’ve seen of Barrel in the Hero Trailer, and the “leaked” images of parts of his armor, all are giving off Halo vibes, and I think it’s a step in the right direction for the game.

The thumbnail for the Hero Trailer gives us the best look at what Barrel will look like.

#3) Morlocks strike again, as well as more HHN

Nothing major from this image, but the Morlocks are back at it with giving us footage for new heroes. I wonder which one of them is leaking the footage to Keel over at the HHN. If your one to theorize, drop a comment down below, and let’s discuss who we think is the Morlock leaking the footage. Or maybe it’s more than one?

Perhaps it’s a member of the Morlocks who gets along well with Keel? Who knows, only time will tell!

Anyways, that was just my quick breakdown and thoughts on Valkyrie’s Hero Trailer, and the 3 main things I took away from it. If you enjoyed reading this please let me know!

But with that, I head out. Thanks again for your time! :smiley:


Praying this dude ends up being some kind of serial astral hero, would be really nice,
(also they are looking into adding shards for astral / void so this would be a perfect combat update,)

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Some enhancements

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You’re welcome


That’s my quote, I said they look alike first lolol, and honestly don’t watch marvel much so I’m surprised I even made the connection first,

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I can’t say anything. :face_with_peeking_eye: :smirk:



There are already so many Astral…
But as for now, we only have 2 Void heroes…

I wish this Barrel is a mech element…
And the useful one/ versatile type for the gameplay, just as Serial, Stygia and Verill…

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@J_A_D_O my boi, am sorry but i hardly believe they gonna release 2 astral in a row

Only one way to find out… :slight_smile:

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How much you bet jadoboi?

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I think they are POSSIBLY tricking us, making they made the yellow that color for the teaser when in reality it’s purple??? Idk random thoughts from Ben I geuss,

Your move Lappo

I have nothing more than my kingdom and am willing to bet it all in

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