New Hero Trailer

:zap: Breaking News :zap:

The Morlocks posted one of the concepts on YouTube and threatened to release more! :point_right: NEW DPS Hero Trailer: Prepare for VENGEANCE! - YouTube


Trailer is something very new than what we are used to! Appreciate the effort for a first trailer in ages!
Seems like an angelic woman? Quite possible an Astral maybe? Very interesting. But i won’t be surprised when it’s a reskin of Isabis


Aaah kids these days cant mind their business


Another asrtral!!! Yay, someone make a meme of astral favored over void

Edit; finally getting updates continued with little delays! This is huge!!!

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I really like the idea of short little trailers like this. Just something new.

As to the hero herself, the “Celestial mercenary Valkyrie“, she is going to be a reskinned Isabis. Normally I’d complain but want to point out that Skathi is the one who voiced Isabis over on FF, so we may be hearing the one and only Skathi’s voice in game over here now! :smiley:

Also, couldn’t help but point this out. The image above says Morlocks leaked the files, but a photo of Keel is shown, who is apart of the Shoremen faction, not Morlocks. Lol

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Maybe keel is the reporter? Although I feel like obrez would fit the job, natural spotlight star,

Edit; I found the meme template; astral, void, forged fansasy, someone do it!

Just saw the video…

And the comments too…

Anyway, I hope there’s no nerf down anymore…

If the heroes need re-balance, I would prefer to strengthen the weak ones rather than to nerf them down…

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Or take the problem away and replace it with something that doesn’t propose a problem. Best solution for the game balance as well

An example of this. (Don’t take it seriously please) is removing Stygia’s shield, or nerfing the HP dramatically, but in return she gets a boost that gives damage reducement for every enemy stunned. You take something but you give something in return. Obviously this doesn’t make up for the problems it may cause in extreme. But that is not the point of this comment.

We’re happy you like the trailer. It is possible to be Astral but let’s wait and see.

Please don’t touch Styigia.

Bruh, cmon man, the sheild has an insane amount of health, and the stun is basically infinite, 10 sec stun, 12 sec cooldown, 2 secs to do absolutely nothing, but plus regens with quarmine, but it’s up to the devs to change her if they think she needs it,

I don’t. Haven’t used her ever since the month she dropped

Lol, well played mellow, (tbh, there are some players who can’t win a match without her)

Totally agree. We have dozens of weak/useless heroes. The power difference between Serial and Sentry is 30K. Although, they already said they will nerf Stygia. Very bad idea.

How about balancing Sentry/Oro/Anvil/Savage/Jarek etc… instead?


I win all the time without her and I can beat anyone the uses here when I’m not using her. She’s fine how she is. Learn her counters smh

Y’all having this same conversation again? Lol


kids like to beat a dead horse these days.

new hero so soon after an update of another hero sounds like DECA is getting on a schedule of new content. cant wait.


Wasn’t saying you couldn’t, but there are some who can’t,

Ok. Well just cause some can’t doesn’t mean a hero needs a nerf. I have problems beating some heros but I don’t say nerf them

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