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Hey everyone,

Today I bring to you a different form of post. I haven’t been as active here on the forums lately, but something just recently has caught my attention, I wanted it to share my findings with y’all.

Before I get started, if anyone doesn’t already know, my favorite aspect of Hero Hunters is the story. I love how everyone and everything is connected somehow down the line, and seeing new heroes continue the storyline is something I love to see. With that being said, I wanted to breakdown my findings of Valkyrie’s Hero Trailer, and explain what they could mean.

#1) Valkyrie’s visual appearance and overall kit

As mentioned before in other posts, Valkyrie will be a sort of new modified version of the hero Isabis from the game Forged Fantasy. (If you weren’t already aware, all heroes since Kier have been this way as well) In Forged Fantasy, Isabis has abilities to those of Galante, hence why some of Valkyrie’s skills may seem similar. Overall, she seems to have a decent kit, and I’m interested to see how much of a threat she will really be in PvP game modes.

Also, Isabis is voiced by the one and only @Skathi, so potentially we could be hearing her voice inside Hero Hunters!

#2) The date of the “leaked” Valkyrie footage

This is actually what has gotten me super interested in all of this. In the bottom left hand corner of the video, a date is written.

This date may not ring any bells yet, so let me explain. When I saw this, my first reaction was “This must be when Hero Hunters takes place, a little over 40 years in the past.” An interesting idea, I’d always thought HH took place sometime in the distant future, but it looks like it’s the exact opposite, being the past.

To add on to this, the opening line of dialogue for a new player logging onto this app for the first time, is “10 years after Zero Day”
If the above theory is to be true, that present day Hero Hunters takes place in the latter months of 1979, then Zero Day would have taken place in 1969.

1969… that feels familiar… as if we’ve seen that date before in game. If you are saying something similar, you’d be right. Remember how certain equip-able portraits in game list have an unlock date of “December 31st, 1969”?

We’ve always laughed this off as players saying it’s a weird bug, but what if… what if that date was put their intentionally to secretly give us a hint of when Zero Day actually took place. Because if we know what year Zero Day took place, it wouldn’t be that hard to figure out what year it currently is in game.

Am I over thinking this? Possibly, but on the other hand, I don’t think I am at all. The evidence seems to support my theory above.

#3) Did the Morlocks just break the 4th wall?

In the teaser image used in the official post for Valkyrie’s Hero Trailer, a “news channel” is depicted with a image of Keel, with the headline -

This is where it gets a bit weird, with the headline stating that the Morlocks, a fictional faction of people in the Hero Hunters universe, somehow leaked hero concepts from DECA Games, the current owners of the fictional universe in which the Morlocks exist.

Either A) The Morlocks are able to break the fourth wall, and understand they are in a video game?!
Or B) This image was made with the intent of it being a small laugh, and crazy people like me are thinking to hard about it.
I’m willing to bet it’s option B).

#4) Where does Keel’s loyalties lie?

As mentioned above, the Morlocks are the ones that leaked the files, but an image of Keel is shown. If you don’t already know, Keel is a member of the Shoremen faction. Which raises the question, is Keel switching factions (Storyline-wise)? Or possibly Keel runs her own news broadcast, the HHN? While it’s unclear, I and it’s my guess that this potential story won’t be explored. But who knows!

#5) Inspiration from a Community Hero Concept?

One thing that first came to mind when I saw this heroes name, and their look, was an old hero concept made by @CptLappo.

Not only was this a hero concept of Skathi herself, but it was titled “Queen Mother of the Valkyries”. With the possibility of Skathi’s voice that was originally used for Isabis in Forged Fantasy, potentially being reused for this new hero, who happens to be named Valkyrie? Hmmm. Could very well be a coincidence, but figured I’d put in the list anyways. It’s a cool hero concept too. Haha

Anyways, that was just my quick breakdown and thoughts on Valkyrie’s Hero Trailer, and the 5 main things I took away from it. If you enjoyed reading this please let me know, or if you’d like me to do more “breakdown-esc” type posts, let me know! I would definitely love to continue making posts like this if the community would enjoy reading them.

But with that, I head out. Thanks for your time! :smiley:


The 1969/1970 bug is a result of an integer bug in how time is calculated in unix. Something similar to the Y2K event 20 years ago, Hate to burst that theory

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Alright, thanks for the info. Even with that though, the possibility of Zero Day taking place in 1969 could still workout even without that piece. :man_shrugging:t2::+1:t2:

Or is it? Not sure :face_with_peeking_eye:

I am not able to confirm or deny most of the theories. All I know is that in addition to the leaked trailer, we got separate message from the Morlocks. It read, “this is just the beginning”.

About Keel, she always wanted to try out as a news caster and we decided to help her out.

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