July 2019 Update Notes

The July 2019 Update is COMING SOON!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

July 2019 Events Calendar: https://bit.ly/2Yjchmk

What’s New?

:facepunch: New Hero - Shank

Faction_ColorIcon PEOPLE’S GUARD

Shank, the Mafia Enforcer, is a Stun specialist who gets stronger as his allies fall in battle. No situation is too dire for this brawler!

Check out his skills here: https://bit.ly/2ILfsh4

:unlock: New Content & Gameplay Changes

:crossed_swords:Alliance Wars Season 3 Update!

We’re making some big changes to Alliance Wars in our July update with the introduction of War Coins and Improvements!

Check out the details here: https://bit.ly/2LfTlRz

:fireworks:Razordome Returns!

Get ready to spend Independence Day 2019 in the dome! Complete challenges to earn tokens, which you can use to unlock a special Patriots Crate!

:trophy:PvP Brackets and Tiers!

We’re making some changes to PvP Tournaments! Now, Brackets will place you based on overall Team Power instead of Team Level. You’ll stay in your Bracket for that Tournament.

Additionally Divisions are all relative rankings! Now, all ranking is relative between the players in your Bracket. Fight hard and often to secure your position!

:zap:Update on Community Clash Event

Thanks to everyone who has participated in the Community Clash Event! We’ve chosen the winners, and will be contacting them shortly. Look forward to an announcement soon!

:muscle: Hero Crate Contents

  • Siren will be available in the Hero Crate!

:vs: PvP Store Updates

  • Moss and Bolt will be replacing Phoenix and Castellan in the PvP Store!

:shopping_cart: Gauntlet Store Updates

  • Min will be replacing Panzer in the Gauntlet Store!

:warning: Hard Mode Fragment Updates

  • Matador will be replacing Gammond in Districts 3 and 4!
  • However, Gammond will be replacing Colonel Wesson in Districts 9 and 10!
  • Baron will be replacing Callidus in Districts 11 and 12!
  • Flatline will be replacing Caine in District 13!

:wrench: Hero Changes

Anvil-64x64 Baron Butter Cast Castellan_aClyde
Galante Kurtz Min-64x64Pris_a Siren

Click Here for Details!

Anvil-64x64 Anvil

Anvil’s Thundercloud Grenade is less of a thundercloud and more of a gentle sun shower. Increasing its radius and speed should make it more of a threat as we move to make Silence more relevant.

  • Thundercloud Grenade radius increased from 3.5 to 4
  • Thundercloud Grenade projectile speed increased from 18 to 21

Baron Baron

Baron should see some more love as a frontline powerhouse with Covering Fire being available to use more often. Pair him with a shielder and a healer and let him do his thing!

  • Covering Fire Skill Charge required to active reduced from 70 to 55

Butter Butter

Butter is one of the first Heroes a player earns, but he’s too much of a dominating PvP staple. Slightly adjusting his shielding will help opposing teams handle him better.

  • Defender Shield duration lowered from 30 to 25 seconds
  • Defender Shield shield strength lowered by 15%

Cast Cast

Silence is a status ailment that is currently underutilized. Used correctly, it can counter a lot of difficult match ups. To help bring Silence to the forefront, we’re giving Cast’s Sea Mine some love.

  • Sea Mine projectile speed increased from 12 to 14
  • Skill Charge per attack increased from 0.6 to 0.75

Castellan_a Castellan

Castellan was always meant to be a tanky defender, but his ability to do extra DPS with his Sentry Turret and shield with Shield Wall put him into a quite different role. We’re leaning hard into that. Now, he can have two Sentry Turrets out at one time. Have fun!

  • Decreased delay between attacks from 550 to 510
  • Sentry Turret deploy time decreased from 1.5 to 0.5 seconds
  • Sentry Turret can be charged while the turret is in play, and a second Sentry Turret can be deployed while the first is still active

Clyde Clyde

Dirty Fighting isn’t nearly dirty enough. We gave it some dankness by increasing the Stun time.

  • Dirty Fighting Stun time increased from 6 to 8 seconds

Galante Galante

The greatest Hero in Hero Hunters needs one more adjustment to his camera positioning while aiming, to avoid any visual glitching.

  • Camera position while aiming has been adjusted for maximum greatness

Kurtz Kurtz

Kurtz brings too much hurtz, currently. We want him to be a dominating force, just not to the degree he launched at. Some adjustments will bring him more in line with his intended power level.

  • Skill Charge per attack lowered from 2.0 to 1.6
  • Skill Charge from damage lowered from 0.5 to 0.25
  • Dominate Stun time reduced from 30 to 25 seconds

Min-64x64 Min

Min’s Disorient and Silence abilities could be a lot stronger against healers and shielders. She’ll be able to use Overload more often now.

  • Overload Skill Charge required to active reduced from 60 to 50

Pris_a Pris

Pris recently got an upgrade, but it wasn’t upgrade-y enough. To make Silence a thing people think more about, we’re making her Sapper more formidable.

  • Sapper Silence duration increased from 15 to 18 seconds
  • Sapper projectile speed increased from 20 to 23

Siren Siren

Siren’s debut performance rocked a little too hard, especially with Halo running her light show. A bit of a DPS reduction brings her more in line with her intended power level.

  • Offensive Mod reduced from 1.9 to 1.8
  • Elem Offensive Mod reduced from 2.6 to 2.4
  • Power Chord Skill Charge time increased from 18 to 21 seconds


Galante is confirmed the greatest hero. Bow down to Godlante and feel his wraith.


Castellan can now put TWO turrets?
Gee, I had enough trouble with one turret :fearful:

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I think this is the first time that I’ve actually agreed with the direction of every single balance change, so kudos to the devs! And while I definitely wish again that the many ignored bottom-tier heroes got some love, I think these are all steps forward.

General balance thoughts:

  • Baron: Still useless until he gets some more hp unfortunately. HH has never been a friendly place for squishy energy front-liners with big hitboxes.
  • Butter: Bravo and thank you for finally toning him down. His shielding has been unbelievably strong and I think that this change is a measured and smart approach.
  • Castellan: Wow, two turrets has potential to be pretty scary. I’m interested to see just how viable this makes him.
  • Kurtz: Right direction, but probably not enough. His platinum skill having a shorter duration would be a bigger help in my opinion.
  • Flatline: Oh wait… absent from this list. Color me baffled. If you do ONE balance change to help the health of this game, make it flatline. (special shoutout to honorbound as well of course)

Regarding the rest of the update; it looks like some cool changes are coming. The PvP bracket system has needed an overhaul for a long time so I’m happy to see that finally here.

Razordome is a fun returning feature. Nobody’s going to complain about free heronium and hopefully we see some interesting team comps.

Unfortunately, the new hero falls extremely flat from a design standpoint. You guys can’t come up with anything less tropey than a black male ex-con named Shank? I’m not generally one to get up-in-arms in the name of political correctness, but this is ridiculously tone-deaf. The barrage of stereotyped character tropes continues unrelentingly.


All in all: nice as usual. No Ronin nerf but I hardly play PVP so I’m not that bothered.
No skins make me sad but I’m hoping they’re coming back eventually. :slight_smile:
I bet Shank is cool.

Who’s the secret hero to his right in the pic above?

Clash event :thinking:

How do you contact the winners? where to expect the message? in the game, or on the forum?

There is a lot of love for Galante but I just don’t get it. I find him so easy to kill in pvp. Is he good for bounty hunting or something?

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Papa_Marsh - What would you change about Flatline?

Jesus ronins been nerfed in the past two updates and people still cry about it and flatline got a nerf last update as well


i recommend that they increase the cost of Clear. Make it at least 30% or more, or make it usable on a hero only once. You know, like Ifrit’s PLAT?

Ronin’s nerf is ok, but flat’s barely noticeable. Come on,10% cost to 15%? Ronin got his bonus cut in half, why not make Flat’s cut bigger? Her bronze is really annoying since they mean a -20 to your pvp gems or worse

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Excited for the new hero, AW Season 3, and the Razordome.

Thank you for changing how brackets work. A shame there aren’t Divisions anymore, but I’ll have to deal it.

A bigger thank you for letting us know about Hard Mode Campaign fragment changes beforehand. I’m losing some Heronium with Wesson being replaced, but oh well. Right now, I suppose Flatline is a little more important than Caine; I can work on her and Kuno to complete the Holy Trinity of Stuns :copyright:

Hero adjustments seem fine for the most part: I’m a little nervous about Butter tbh, probably just bias lol; Clyde’s silver is going to be more annoying; Castellan having a second turret will be a nightmare with a Shield Wall interesting to say the least; Kurtz, from what I hear, has some bugs/glitches with his skills, and it seems like they aren’t being addressed, unless I’m missing something.

Overall, seems good. I’m looking forward to it.

Wait. I feel like something’s missing.


What do you want 25% sheesh she still gets killed fast anyway. Target first problem solved

Ronin’s nerf was ok (damage reduction to Riposte) but what really needs to happen is to increase Riposte’s cooldown (or at least stop having it make people stagger) and reduce the damage from his Honorbound.

20% at least, 15% is too low. And fyi, prioritizing her is harder than you think

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They reduced honorbound last update -_-

True, but he has proven to still be unnaturally overwhelming in PVP. Still, I had forgotten that was only last month. If HH wants to wait longer and get more data before making another decision on Ronin, then that’s fine. That god damn Riposte though…

What, no buff to Eviscerate??

Haha I am just kidding, I really am!

Happy for another update :slight_smile:

I am not sure what to say about power being bracket modifier (depends on rewards, as simple as that) but my hunch says it can be good.

But yet another update without new Skin.

Just give us insight if skins are going to be thing of past or will we have few good ones coming. Lot of characters still don’t have skin and I think we all like idea of customization skins gave.

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I realy love changes in pvp brackets.Now every one have chance to get on the top of leaderboard before only member with powerful heros (10 stars) get fast pvp points and goes top on leaderboard fast eg. im normaly get 700000 pvp points in one match but my friends which have 34 heros of 10 star gets 1000000 in every match means 300000 lead in every match.
Im just saying that now powerfull people get opposed by evenly powerfull people and now pvp are are based on our skill .which is really awesome.

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