What is the next faction for the next bounty

What is the next faction for the next upcoming bounty

You’ll find out once we announce next month’s event schedule! Look out for an announcement later next week.


Or you could be extra extra extra nice and tell us early :wink:

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My guess is the UAF. Or better yet, UAF airborne vs. Klg black ops. That would be sweet


That’s it! You’ve had enough warnings about asking for which faction is next, I’m getting the Shank out!


Yep. That’s a paddling.

i think its UAF AIRBORNE with UAF heros

I think it will be MAGISTRATES

My money’s on Patriots only because it’s Independence Day

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Patriots vs UAF. Maybe Lawgivers

I believe the Factions who haven’t had a bonus month the longest are: Kurtz Lawgivers, Shoreman, Magistrates, and The Watch. I started keeping track April 2019.
April - Mercs/Rangers
May - Morlocks
June - KLG Black Ops
July - People’s Guard
August - UAF/Airborne
Sept - KLG Irregulars
Oct - People’s Guard
Nov - Patriots/Rangers

Mate do you realize that this was 5 months ago?

I did not, lol, Whoops.