March 2019 Update Notes


The March 2019 Update is COMING SOON!

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What’s New?

:airplane: New Hero

Faction_TheWatch_Color Yeager

  • Yeagar, the “Guardian Angel”, dominates the Mid-Line with his cybernetic enhancements. Woods “Yeagar” can shield himself, as well as transform his weapon into a rapid-fire beam laser. Yeagar provides a solid DPS option for fans of The Watch.

Gameplay Changes

:shamrock: New St. Patrick’s Day Event:

  • Join Min in the Danger Simulator! Find out what would happen if a massive stockpile of Heronium detonated, and what lengths the Factions of Hero Hunters would go to to secure it!

:muscle:t4: Hero Crate

  • Jarek will be available in the Hero Crate.

:shopping_cart: PvP Store

  • Sentry & Hivemind will be replacing Castellan & Kunoichi in the PvP Store.

:shopping_cart: Gauntlet Store

  • Kobold will be replacing Maven in the Gauntlet Store.

:balance_scale: Co-Op Fragments and Currency Adjustments

:shield: :crossed_swords: :heavy_plus_sign: ROLE WARFARE: Role Specialization

No updates to Role Warfare this month, but keep your eyes peeled for further adjustments in future updates!


Any chance you can give us a preview of what Yeager’s abilities are? Definitely looks like he’s got some sort of flight capability in addition to his shield, which is pretty exciting to get a look at.

Click on Yeager’s name to go to his topic!

I don’t have access to that topic :(.

ETA: I have it now, thanks! Looks kind of like Steele, in that he creates a personal shield for himself and you need to keep attention off of him (and his shield) in order to get him up to full damage.

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My Gauntlet guess was right!!! :smiley:

PVP Store changes look solid. I’ll miss Castellan, but at least Kunoichi is in some Hard Campaign Missions. Happy to see the Danger Simulator returning as well, just don’t put another Françoise/Brogan team :joy:

Some hidden changes to Hard Campaign mission hero fragments:

Kunoichi replaces Sentry (1-3, 1-5, and 2-3, and she still has 13-3 and 13-9).

Wesson replaces Richter (9-9, 10-3, and 10-7).

Callidus is now in 11-3, 12-1, and 12-9 (replaces one of Razorback’s missions and both of Surge’s).

And I just made Surge 10 stars…

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Though I’ll miss Castellan in the PVP store, I look forward to getting the chance to work on Hivemind.


Was at a few days to have my razor 10* too, I feel the same…

One thought, no new skins?

ima going to need hivemind

hi I don’t post very often and this is not a reply to anybody’s comments in particular it’s just what I think about the new update

Any news about alliance war? The in game message talked about it, but no informations here!

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So, did I see Kurtz revealed? The ‘Weak Link’ part of the in-game update announcement had a pic of Kurtz, right? And what’s this taking power from the weak?


Alliance War Open Beta is planned for next week. We’re still getting a lot of last minute changes in before we kick it off. If we don’t break anything you can expect it to begin then.


This recent update just feels like we need to spend more gold for the same stuff we had.

Energy? Hero? Skills? Bucks? Logging in? Stuff? Touching my phone?



Only a matter of time before they implement a timer that deducts 1 gold for every 3 minutes you open the game :slight_smile:


So lets get a few things straight about the new update @everyone

This is the worst update as far as I’m concerned that has been released. Your charging us more gold for everything. 8 frags a day max for Yeager puts it at 7.5 days to get him with 1 free Helios a day starting at level 25+ which is 1 frag…then we have to use gold to reset in order to reach a high enough level raid to get our max of 8 frags for Yeager in the 24 hour period…it would cost me $60 u.s. in order to buy enough gold to purchase Yeager straight out instead of just flat out paying $30 for the new hero you guys doubled the amount of money I would have to spend to get the new hero

Please don’t take this comment down or flag it because I would really like to discuss what’s going on with this game I have played it for over 1 year now and I feel it just went 100% pay to win!

I really hope alliance wars is good because most of us will not have the new hero by the time bounty gets here because of needing to reset…you guys didn’t fix it to where we could have the new hero for the 1st bounty you made it harder! Please lets discuss this

Actually, you don’t have to start at lvl 25, you can play whatever level you’re high enough for right off the bat.

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I just got on and noticed the issue relating to Yeager Frag reset is being fixed, came here to see if there was any answers… Only noticed one screen shot displaying the issue.
I like how we are able to go into any level co-op without unlocking them!!

If anyone hears about any info on the issue with fragment capp please let me know!