June Update Notes


The June Update which is out now!

App Store: http://bit.ly/HeroHuntersiOS
Google Play: http://bit.ly/Herohunters

What’s New?

District 10

Beyond the city limits, are the forested outskirts. They are a dangerous and mysterious place. Few who enter ever return, but can you uncover the mystery before Kurtz does?

New Heroes

Oracle Flatline
UAF Patriots
A decorated military officer. Powerful indirect combatant that excels in softening innumerable enemy targets and supporting allies. “Combat Paramedic” A resurrection specialist. Able to quickly revive fallen allies in the heat of battle with a powerful heal and prevent allies from dying at the cost of her own health.


Team Level 70

PvP Duels

  • Invite your friends and Alliance mates to duel you in PvP battles!
  • Select the map you want to play in
  • Select the loadout you want to use!
  • See what your opponent is picking in real time!

Alliance Patrols

  • Complete patrols to earn personal rewards and Alliance Patrols points. Heroes cannot be used while on a patrols
  • Patrol points go toward upgrading your Alliance’s Patrol Crate. Better crates have better rewards!
  • The patrol crate opens at a specific time. Make sure your Alliance upgrades the crate before it opens!
  • Complete at least one patrol to be eligible to receive a crate when it opens. Unclaimed rewards expire after 30 days.
  • There is a limited number of daily patrols, so select your patrols wisely and come back every day for more patrols.
  • Only a limited number of your heroes can be on patrol at the same time. Heroes can only be used once per day.


Other Notes


Auto-play is receiving extra love and additions in an effort to improve this feature! There are 2 distinct improvements to the aiming and use of skills while Auto-play is active.


  • More focus target control: Tap on a target enemy to make your selected Hero focus fire on that enemy.


  • You can now choose when and where to activate your selected Hero’s skills while Auto-play is active to give an extra layer of control in the heat of the Hunt!

Summoned Unit Scaling Improvements

  • Skills that summon minions now scale with their owner Hero’s Star rating; Halloway’s Holo Double stats, Technician’s Drones and Suicide Drones, Hardscope’s First Aid Drone stats and Heal over Time growth, Hivemind’s Defender Drone and Leech Drone stats, Castellan’s Sentry Turret stats.

Boosted Basic Attacks no longer count as Ability Damage

  • Skills that add bonus damage to a basic attack are no longer counted as “Ability Damage”; Heckler’s Hammer Rounds, Bolt’s Called Shot, Odachi’s Opportunist, Cinder’s Acid Rain, Salvatore’s Caustic Grenades, Hideo’s Penetrating Shot, Prophet’s Coordination, Hardscope’s Head Hunter, Sentry’s Stagger Rounds, Savage’s Smart Ammunition, Gammond’s Sheriff, Baron’s Cover Breaker.

Hero Changes

Phoenix Phoenix

Improved Incinerate:

  • Elemental Damage per second increases each second the skill is channelled.
  • Reduced initial Elemental Damage per second.
  • Increased final Elemental Damage per second.

Improved Phoenix Flame:

  • If killed while reviving, she lights the enemy team on fire dealing Damage per second.
  • Increased Shield Health.
  • Increased Revive Health.

Beck Beck

Improved Evasion Field:

  • Heal is triggered whenever any damage is dodged, not just while field is active.
  • Adjusted Heal scaling.

Improved Scrappy:

  • Whenever she critically hits an enemy, she gains a Passive Dodge chance boost.

Clyde Clyde

Improved Crackshot:

  • Successive hits provide a stacking Critical Damage bonus. Missing a shot resets the stacks.
  • Reduced starting crit bonus, increased maximum crit bonus.

Halo Halo

Adjusted Lightning Rod:

  • Is no longer triggered by boosted basic attacks. See ‘Other Notes’.

Ronin Ronin

Fixed Honorbound:

  • Properly reapplies bonuses to revived allies.
  • Properly reduces charges when allies are killed.

Pris_a Pris

Fixed Fatal Wounds:

  • Properly reduces enemies affected by Beguile attack damage.

Baron Baron

Fixed Center Of Attention:

  • No longer triggers off of summoned units, nor provides bonus Health to the summoned units.

Phalanx Phalanx

Fixed Power Play:

  • No longer removes bonuses when summoned units are killed, nor provides bonuses to a summoned unit.
  • Properly reapplies bonuses to revived allies.


Thank you HH, it seems like many good improvements, new hero’s and new playing modes…


Thanks u devs I know for that keep going back bro

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  1. So if boosted basic attacks no longer count as ability damage, what do they count as now?

  2. The summoned units’ scaling, will skill points increase their points less than star ratings?

  3. Keel’s gold scavenge skill is not activating since the update.

A 10 / 10 update. Very pleased with everything.

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So amazing features! This improvements makes game interesting.

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I am especially glad to read this as I have spent days and bucks and whatnot on upgrading Hivemind lately, always with a feeling of that he is useless in mind. Now when I’m looking at his skill stats they are awesome.

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Skills are still used automatically ? Or is there an option to turn off skill use and manualy use them. For example I don’t want Dogface to use his first skill before he used most of his second

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They are still used automaticaly, but you can activate them, if the hero doesnt do on his own, without changing to manual play.

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Okay thanks I tested this before my original post and it seems that way. Most skills are activated as soon as they’re charged anyways so I thought that I might have missed something that lets me prevent activating them so I can “choose when and where I active them for an extra layer of strategy”

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bump… I also have noticed Keel gold skill is not activating when a cover is destroyed. Why is that?


They probably messed it up somehow. Just like Phalanx energy shot doesnt destroy covers anymore. It just flies through, damaging enemies but ignoring covers.


I have noticed that when completing a new level for the first time that it freezes up on the mission complete screen. Where it gives you the rewards and star rating, nothing clicks. I have to close the game and restart. Also missing out on the free gold videos on each level too

This didn’t happen to me, at least, so it could be related to your device. You should send a report ingame, so they can gather all the information they may need.

Sure hope it’s not my phone! How do I report it in game?


Go to your profile (tap on the left top corner). On the right side there should be four yellow buttons. Tap on “support”. That will bring up a new menu. Select “contact us”. Then just fill the information as needed.

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Thank you. Never noticed that before appreciate the help

Glad to help :slight_smile:
You can use that to contact support about any game bug you may find. They usually answer within 48h, but it depends on how busy they might be

Can we keep the Halo plat triggered by bonus damage for singleplayer or coop modes? Haha it’s fun to watch =D

keel’s gold ability doesnt work anymore please fix this she is part of my many teams