Klayton, mech or energy hero?

Hey, just reporting that after update, Klayton needs energy canisters for grade promotion!

Checked other heroes, except new ones plus Lancer and Striker, and they are fine.

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Screen shot is too cropped to get the whole story. As always, contact support directly with any issues so they can access your profile and get us the info we need to investigate any issues. You may think this is the most relevant part of the screen, but I assure you, there’s more we need to see.


May be a bug?

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Likely a bug! Still need more info that can be best gained from a support ticket. We can solve it on our own from two screens, in the same way I can walk into a Barnes & Noble with no books alphabetized and no sections marked and eventually find what I need. There are quicker ways, though.

Guess I’ll get to digging! May take time.

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If he’s on ios how can he send in screen shots. I’m still not allowed to

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Ticket sent…

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I’ve brought this up about eight times.

Send in your ticket. Then, email screenshots to support@hotheadgames.com, referencing your other ticket, especially if we give you a ticket # to reference.

First time seeing it I guess. Thanks. I’ll save the email now

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