KLG Infantry Units Buff Ideas (Sentry, Vanguard, Operator, and Elite Rifleman)

Hello! First post here on the forums. I wanted to share a few buff ideas I have for these four units because I feel as if they are the most “bland” units in the game. I’m not gonna say I’m an expert on game balance nor am I even close to the endgame, so if my ideas break something (I doubt it), start roasting. I’m only considering the bronze, silver, and gold skills because I don’t have platinum skills unlocked yet.

These are only my opinions and I am sure the devs have something better in mind.

Sentry’s rather decent where he is right now, but at most he’s a mini-Prophet. He is great at single-shot damage and his Aimed Shot even more so but I believe his real power comes from his Stagger Rounds. 65% chance to stagger per shot? Why not. Cloaking Field is okay and it works well with the charge time for Aimed Shot. I still feel as if Cloaking Field needs a tiny buff, though.

  • Proposal: add a decent damage boost to Aimed Shot and normal shots when Cloaking Field is active. Aimed shot cooldown reduction per hit should also be boosted when Cloaking Field is active.
  • Leave Stagger Rounds alone; they are good where they are. Nobody likes to be stun locked.

Vanguard is… okay…? His shields are very powerful and his gold skill potentially gives him double health at the start of the mission. Protect is useful but its cooldown feels a little too long. Hunker down feels rather lackluster despite the 25% damage mitigation plus the armor and elemental armor boosts.

  • Proposal: increase the cooldown reduction gained from shots for Protect. Not so much that Protect becomes “spammy,” but something noticeable.
  • For Hunker Down, add the armor and elemental armor boost for all allies with a shield - any type of shield given by Vanguard or another Hero.

His Restoration skill is quite powerful. At my Operator’s current level and star count, he restores around 42K health per second - nothing to scoff at. Still, it’s wasted due to the fact that he only restores one ally at a time and continues to heal that ally despite that Hero already healed to full health. His Flashbang skill seems incredibly out of place for him - even more so since the Stun debuff only happens 1/3 of the time. Recuperate is okay but its too weak.

  • Proposal: this one should be obvious - allow Restoration to “jump” to the next ally with the least amount of health once the current healing target has reached full health. The duration of the skill should also be increased to 5 seconds.
  • Increase the chance for the Flashbang to Stun to 50%.
  • Since Operator is a KLG medic, I was thinking his Flashbang should be changed to a sort of revive skill. Revive a down ally once per life and can only be used again when Operator is downed and is revived by another Hero. Kind of like Gammond’s Last Stand but doesn’t require him to be the last one alive. I wouldn’t make this revive skill usable on himself… this is just a thought.

Elite Rifleman
The in-game description describes him as a “versatile attacker adept at a variety of battlefield roles.” Unfortunately, rather than being a Jack-of-All-Trades… he’s the… 9 card in one or two trades. He has potential but he’s essentially an awful hybrid of Steele and Dogface. Rather disappointed when I first unlocked him. His gold skill is decent but it really only works in campaign or other PvE scenarios. Rifleman has no place in PvP other than target practice.

  • Proposal: allow Hot Shot to last the next 3 magazines. Hotshot’s damage boost should also be given to Scatterfire.
  • Keep Scatterfire’s 16 round attack but Rifleman should also add the remaining bullets he had in his magazine. Example: if Rifleman had 15 rounds left in his magazine when Scatterfire activates, the skill should fire 31 bullets. Hotshot should deactivate immediately when this skill ends.
  • Frontline Assault is useful… only to Rifleman. I think this skill should also share a percentage of that healing to the other allies on his team. This skill should also provide numerical damage and armor boost whenever it activates and let the boost’s duration be around 5 seconds. I mean, the name is Frontline Assault so…?

I’m sure what you wrote is great - was way too long for me to read though. Just wanted to say that I love your name!

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