Kobold + Surge pvp event

Hi, I just wanted to let the devs know I’ve appreciated this event.

Pros :

  • Duration was short and sweet.
  • Having a single hero with unlimited lives somehow allowed for team experimentation.
  • I also appreciated all rewards for the most part. Those who didn’t have the heroes but took the time to get ranked are now a lot closer to getting them at least.

Cons :

  • x30 bonus for Kobold. At this point, I imagine not many have unlocked this hero. Giving him such a huge bonus, while helping those who have him, made it impossible to grind with other heroes. x30 is just too much of an advantage to overcome.

Personnally, i’ve lurked in general/vip chat to help out as much as i could until i had enough frags to unlock him… But that is tedious.


I agree, I dont have her yet, but I didnt lost many matches against her on this event, maybe two or three matches I guess.
I dont know if my opponents didnt know how to use her or build a good team around her or … idk
even tho I faced her a lot with different type of teams and heros around her like halo mauler cain flatline phalanx…ect, still won most of them.

my main team was Mauler/Halo/Phalanx/Flatline/Ifrit.

what I am wondering now its, if she is that effective with x30 bonus, how her perfomance could be without x30 bonus? :thinking:

Well said, agreed on all accounts. Hopefully the devs see the positive response from the players and continue down this path. The multi-day tournaments are way too much of a chore. A two-day PvP event ends up requiring playtime from 5 different life resets.

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I agree with all of this I have Kobold unlocked and she was a beast at 5 stars and Plat. I used her quite a bit her shields are amazing and the heals she does to your heroes plus does big damage to the opponents heroes. I think of the last few heroes that have been released she is the best so far. Nice to have a Tanky Biochem hero instead of energy. I actually thought this event was super fun I faced a few meta teams but all in all I actually saw a lot of different variations of teams which really helped me build up a little bit more of my PVP skills. Trying to figure out who I should kill first. Kobold actually changed PVP a little bit and gave Dog and Panzer’s a little run for there money. The one thing that I did see a lot of is Night and her Damn Skin that skin needs a little tiny nerf she is way OP IMO. I defiantly had to change my strategy with her on the opposite team. All and all this tournament time and length was great Short and sweet and to the point. The rewards I say were pretty good better than they have been it would have been nice to get gold also, but cash and gold in same event might be a bit much. Thank you Devs for the new great Hero that I don’t think is trash and for the great PVP event hopefully some new ones like that in the future with only a day to do them. :slight_smile: Looking forward to bounties.

I personally did not see an issue with kobold being worth so many points. I have her unlocked but only 3* (at the time of the event). Suffice to say, she did not feature in any of the teams I used and still placed well on the board.


The issue is that he had the 30x bouns and unlimited life so short after release. One would have been enough.
I don’t really play competitive PvP, so I did not care that much either, but if I would, it would have been a real fun killer for me.

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Some people are able to unlock her right away and get her high power. There are people in my Alliance with her already at 15k+ power. Take that x30 and you ar elooking at 450k points for a win, just from Kobol. Add in another 50k+ for the other heroes on your team and then 70k for your opponent and you are near 600k points… per win. That’s a HUGE advantage vs people that don’t have her and are only getting 80-150k a win.

The only saving grace was she seems pretty lackluster so winning with her wasn’t the easiest.

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Use a few refils with a buddy and you get her in 3 days.

Save frags to push her and you could have had her at 6* easily