Cannot explain how upset I am with pvp at the moment

Hey guys,

I’ve been using every single heart available on all of my heroes in this event and have been sticking in the top 50 for a while now with some revives. I only have surge for a boost in pts, however when I revive him the matches seem to get exponentially tougher or the connection starts to drop me. So I try reviving savage or another and it doesnt take me far. I’d say I’m skilled in this game(or addicted) with just some unfortunate outcomes but it’s hard to when I’m sitting at rank 51 with 20 minutes left not landing the frags for a summon. I know this is the push when people start going for their rank and you can’t make everybody happy but man, the matchups of heroes and how well countered they are in these final minutes makes me need to release some steam. I don’t want to quit but if this is a trend I don’t know.

Hey @Grizcamp,

Thanks for sharing your experience with us and it’s totally understandable if you want to vent :smile:. We definitely don’t want PVP to be a painful experience for anyone. We have a small team within the team here dedicated to constantly making changes to improve PVP and the matchmaker experience.

I can assure you that matchmaker doesn’t care about specific heroes, but it does try to average out the power of all your heroes and find an appropriate match. So if Surge was much stronger or much weaker than the other 4 heroes you brought, it could influence who you are being matched up with. Do you know what Surge’s level, stars and grade (bronze, silver, etc) was compared to the other heroes?