Kudos to you!

I know you(devs/HHG) have been getting some quite harsh critics as of lately. While I share much of the opinions that have been shared across this forum, I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate that you A) put back the random frags in the raids(my opinion on the frag limit for the new hero is a whole anyone story) and B) finally fixed the scrolling of “Find in” for items.


Thumbs up! 20 characters:(

I know I could heart lol

Hey though… As much as we bitch… We definitely do appreciate you.


If you think about it… We wouldn’t care enough to bitch if we didn’t love the game.

Please do, in the future. There’s a 20 character limit for a reason. If you can’t reach it without typing non-essential characters, then it’s not enough content to be worth posting.

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