Hi guys! New forum is awesome!

Game is looking great. :smiley:


Ya, I know! Excited for what comes next. :sunglasses:

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Welcome to the community guys! Looking forward to chatting with you all!

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Hello from Swiss! :wink:

I think my first tip… more stamina all VIP over 8 have too mutch amount of dayli tickets…

Thank you Vupi Freakypyromaniacs

Hey Vupi! Thanks for your feedback!

I’ve heard discussion about QuickWin Tickets in the office, what do you think could be done with excess QW tickets?

First off, i’m loving GR so far!

One thing to look at, most of us are kind of irritated by pvp. Encountering human opponents is rare so far, and the bot opponents are usually OP. So losing 100 points is way more likely then winning only 10 points.

My suggestion would be to disallow cpu opponents, and have the matchfixing run for 60 secs, to find a human opponent.

@DSD, We’re looking into several ideas that we think will improve PvP for everyone, it’s an important topic that we want to address.

Can you give me a glimpse on some ideas to ask my guildies about?

Maybe make the recharge of stamina a little faster so we can spend more tickets or posibilte to change the tickets against something fragments or so… sorry for my bad english my main language is german… :slight_smile:

@DSD, I don’t have anything to share yet, it’s still too early. You could create a thread on here to start a discussion to generate ideas and share your thoughts with us. The team will be reading these forums so it’s a good place to provide that kind of feedback

Another topic would be excess items.

Maybe the option to sell or upgrade multiple items into a higher grade item?

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Hey all and Devs!

Game is looking great, very excited about seeing how this game continues to evolve!

I totale agree with this idea!

Hey All!

Cannon Squad here from FPM. Thanks for the invite!