Legendary Skin idea for Halloway

Hi devs,

I thought it might be cool to have a Legendary skin for Halloway that gives him a new skill for “Holo Double”, maybe called “Holo Berserker”. This would allow just one of the Holo’s to charge at an opponent and choke them out, or charge at them and then explode.

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That reminds me of the comment I wrote in this topic.

Good post. I didn’t see that one, not trying to rip off your idea. Giving a Hero the ability to run across the battlefield is something we haven’t seen in this game and would be pretty sweet. Maybe it would come in handy when facing off against Kurtz? Just a thought.


I support either version as long as the holo double looks like this:aladdin-will-smith-genie-disney-mena-massoud-1549873370


You ain’t never had a Bronze like me


Can your skill do this?
Can your gun do that?
Can your skin pull this?
Off their little haaaaaaaaat?

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