Kurtz crate and bounty bought

  • Why Kurtz is still not available on every related crate? Even the most wanted crate doesn’t contain him or his frags. Most of the players are still sandbagging with him and you don’t even need skill when you use Kurtz. it’s is an automatic easy win.

  • Bounty bought should come out as platinum summons instead of gold bounties. What is the point paying for a bounty when it summons a weak gold bounty. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:


I don’t see the problem, just waot for events, he is a rare hero, i got him from a most wanted crate and he does some skill, and he is not always a garueanteed win, i beat many kurtz rollers with ease so i really don’t see the problem here

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The bounty depends on your level its just luck…kurtz is a good hero which is why he’s rare i kean if everyone had him evryone would be using him…only the elite get him ots simple…he is available from war

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I am level 94 with a power of more than 1.8M and yet I summon hero gold

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He’s not included in most wanted crate. I don’t know what is your level. However, when you compete for top 50 in the PVP events, Kurtz is on every team. He’s stun skill stuns for way too long.


I agree with both of these.

By now, Kurtz definitely should be in crates by now. The only crate he’s in is the 7 star crate, but that’s the rarest crate in the game. I understand him only being a war reward, but once he is replaced by a new hero, or for future reference, when other war heroes such as Serial are replaced, only getting a few frags for him from seasonal rewards shouldn’t be our only option. Even if they made it a lower percent than Prophet, Artemis, and Brogan, us players would be happy.

Spawning golds in bounty - I also agree with. Newer players/smaller alliances should definitely be able to spawn gold bounties. But once alliances hit a specific power, gold bounties are useless to us. Lots of players out there are even too strong for plat 5 bounties. Now would be a good time to release ruby bounties in my opinion. This would not only allow us to score more points, but also cause gold bounties to spawn less.

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Kurtz has been in crates for ages now so idk what you’re on about lmao I have got him several times and got a bunch of heronium, same for all the other 7* excep Serial


I either got him when he was in there as he was very wanted, otherwise like lante said i got him from a 7 star crate from that, also, yes i experience alot of kurtz players and i genuinely don’t find any difficulties, you just gotta play smart

LOL I never realized that


This looks like the current Torque Feature Crate, which Kurtz is indeed in along with the other 7* heroes. He’s also in the Step Up crate.

I am looking at my Most Wanted right now and don’t see him. I do see him in the 7* crate and the Gilded Token crate though, which you can get both tokens from in the MWC. He’s also a season reward from AW so he is definitely available in several different spots.

It’s the hero crate, not every hero is in every crate, that’s the problem with so many heroes being in the game now

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Got him today thanks to 7* crate (got 7* token from mw crate)… Finally my wait ends.


I bet I’ll unlock boldy by collecting all his frags from war rewards. His drop rate is purposefully low and my rng is bad. :man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2::man_facepalming:t2:

Me also thinking that way till yesterday that I will unlock him through frag collection from war rewards only… But bit lucky yesterday and pulled him from mw crate (7* crate).


yes… KURTZ users need some skills… & the skill is rolling… do u have any new skill with KURTZ?

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