Kurtz improvements?

When will Kurtz be in the hero crate? Also I’ve been hearing about Kurtz being buggy when can we expect changes? I would like to be able to get him finally.

He is only available in alliance wars to the people who are committed to playing probably months of seasons as the crate was only a limited time option to get him

I’m not trying to burst your bubble and sound negative, but to put a hero that OP in a hero crate…the devs would have to be pretty intoxicated, lol.
I really don’t see, nor do I think it should happen tbh, but we’ll see man, we’ll see.

I get it but that’s why I want him. There shouldn’t be only one way to get him but I also agree that he should be hard to get due to that fact. Maybe they should occasionally bring back tier crates with him in it. Just a thought. I have all this gold and I’m just waiting to spend it on him.