Prophet tier crate

I know this crate just dropped today but why is there a <0.01% chance to get Kurtz?! I get it, Kurtz is meant to be over powered like the developers said in the July update notes but this crate is NOT worth 1K gold (yes I’m well aware this crate is a chance to get other characters especially prophet and not just Kurtz). You guys could’ve AT LEAST made him a 1% chance or 5% if you’re feeling generous. Honestly if you’re not gonna put him in a reasonable crate how are we suppose to get him? As of right now I don’t even see a way that you get his frags. I don’t know what you guys plan on doing but my suggestion is put him in alliance wars as a war reward or something. I don’t know🤷🏽‍♂️


That chance /percent to get him is absolutely laughable

The percentage for getting Prophet is also a joke. You get a 0.26% chance. Can you just ponder those odds for a second? This is a slap in the face when it is called the Prophet crate. And offering us the chance at 10+ frags when you buy another crate for over 1,000 gold is also frustrating.

As for your comment on Kurtz - I thought he was already offered as a reward in Alliance Wars?


The crates are worth it from a pure hero crate valuation of 3000 Gold (300 x10). Otherwise very few crates are ever worth it for getting a 5-7*.

The last one that was good was the one that gave a free A grade coupon with every purchase.

Well if he’s a war reward please enlighten me cuz I must be blind. Also, even if he is, they probably will only give you like 1-3 frags for him when it takes 585 frags to get him. That would take FOREVER.

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put him in alliance wars as a war reward or something.

Are you talking about Kurtz or Prophet? Kurtz fragments are a reward in the highest power bracket in Alliance Wars.

I already have prophet and artemis but Kurtz is “the man who broke the world” so of course he’ll be hard to get. I just don’t like that Brogan chance

Kurtz is only available within the Expert Bracket of 15m+ alliances as a war reward you get 10 Kurtz frags and season reward 8-20 Kurtz frags :slight_smile:

It’ll take 4 Wars to unlock kurtz and that’s IF you place 1st in all seasons and overall in war. His chance in the crate is laughable with 0.01% drop rate.

4 wars? hah thats laughable We have come first every war in season 1 and 2 and top 3% both times and only have around 100 frags. It’s 10 frags a war so that’s only 40 a season and say 15 bonus for top 3%. That’s 55 frags a season so 585/55 = over 10 months of first place every war to unlock him.

Lmao you’re right my math was way off I need sleep. But I agree it’ll take forever to get. We got #1 all battales too and top 3% as well But only first time in expert : /

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I agree, its basically the 10x hero crate for non vip heroes

Actually, all the 7*-specific crates are awful odds for getting 7* heroes - FAR worse than standard hero crates.

Let’s say you want prophet specifically. Hero crate 10x gives you a 0.16% chance 10 times, which is about a 1.59% total chance for 2700 gold.

The prophet crate on the other hand is a 0.26% chance for ONLY the 10th pull. Note that there is ZERO chance for a 7* hero on the first 9 pulls.

Even if you could somehow continue rolling the tier one prophet crate (the cheapest one). The hero crate odds are still THREE TIMES as high.

And that’s for Prophet specifically. If you don’t care which 7* you’re getting, then the hero crate is a staggering 6.8 TIMES as efficient from a gold-for-gold basis. (And keep in mind, these numbers are assuming you can repeatedly open the cheapest tier - the actual odds are even worse)

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One thing: the odds of getting a certain hero don’t change. In the Hero Crate 10-pack, it stays at 0.16% every time (for a 7-star). The crate that guarantees a 5-star Hero might have a different probability, though.

Put your money in lottery tickets, higher chance to actually win something useful…


Wow, I see it now. That sucks but my alliance is 14.5M so maybe we’ll be in Expert bracket next season. It still doesn’t change the fact that we all might not be getting him till next year unless you’re lucky with the crate. I’ll just hold on to my gold for now.