Kurtz lightening with level 1 green

The Kurtz lightening teams (Kurtz, kiyoshi, halo, krieger) with level 1 green heroes to trigger all of them is getting way out of hand. It is completely exploiting this games weaknesses in that you cannot help who your AI is targeting and cheap/cheating wins occur regularly. The matchmaking is not penalizing these players enough, it is basically only taking away the power of the green hero. IE if the green hero was 20k power at plat for instance it just matches them with someone 20k power more, for instance an 80k power level 1 green Kurtz team vs a 100k power regular team. This cheating/exploitation team needs recognized during matchmaking and should be penalized double so the opposing team has a chance to survive. If you want to exploit and cheat the games weaknesses to this extent you should be penalized far greater then how it is now. This cheap team is becoming so popular it is hard to even play pvp anymore as it is match after match and is completely ruining the best part about this game.


I just come across one and Kurtz team got 35k penalty n it is helpful.

Then the next minute…

I got crushed by another Shiv team. :laughing:

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I can verifiably say that I’ve beaten those teams to the punch, you just need a solid dps to quickly take out Kurtz then Krieger before things go down.

There is nothing wrong. It’s a smart composition that people come up with. All we can do about it is find a viable counter. Which there are enough of.
It is simply meta right now. There will always be a better team. And there will always be people complaining

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It’s just a Kurtz cheese roller. A simple solution is to take down Kurtz fast. Then he can’t trigger things.

I like him so I guess you’re wrong. Maybe you should not comment if you have nothing beneficial to add to the discussion @TEAMKHS.

The point is, rather than say “ugh this team is no fair nerf it”, ask, “what hero / team-comp is most effective against these kinds of teams.” I use Artemis or Marlowe to take out first Kurtz and then Krieger. The rest of my team are comprised of heavy Mech tanks (Shank, Klayton, Dreadnought), who can soak up the energy damage.

It’s ok to have discussion regarding heavier penalties for 1-green hero teams, but to glibly infer that they can’t be beaten is simply untrue. The roster is varied enough to exploit them.


I guess you have started recently. Sandbagging people in PVP is not new. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

Thank you mist. I like you too. And i certainly agree on your point made here.

I certainly see the kurtz nation has been rising again. Though instead of complaining i’m searching for viable setups.

One i can share at my level (95) is Matador-Cinder- serial-keel-Shivs. This works well since you have decent and instant healing/shielding. And cinder benefits from that too. Take out the kurtz with her. Then switch to serial. Get shield up. Then switch to shivs to kill the Krieger/Halo/Kiyoshi.
And then back to serial to finish the job if not done

This has been one of the most succesful teams i have used against these setups. Sometimes my cinder or keel dies. But mostly they stay safe

Indeed. It’s been there since platinum was achievable. Not as worse. Until people discovered Ronin’s platinum. That was where it all began :open_mouth:

The point is not to have to build teams around people trying to cheat, the point of the post is that the system needs to recognize you bringing a level 1 green hero with barred up platinums and rubies and penalize you more drastically for doing so. Killing Kurtz quickly and krieger quickly is all fine and dandy and can be done but sometimes it doesn’t work so smooth especially with the Kurtz rollers. It’s a cheap way for no talent pvp players to get cheap wins and steal hearts. I am asking the developers to penalize in matchmaking to make it more equal and hopefully stop the stupidity


Yeah really need hero counter to damage over time,
Pariah counter heal over time, can we please have a new hero with passive who do that but with damage over time !? I Think is the best solution to counter stupid pvp match with kurtz and krieger.
Some players say try to learn to play , choose the good team, but i am with Adam on that , the pvp become ■■■■ since krieger enter in the game, i dont understand why he not receive nerf, his gold skill should have a restriction only to work on his faction’s skills, like colonel wesson plat, same think with kurtz. New hero commander boost damage more of the same faction heroes, why krieger and kurtz dont have same thing, exemple 1% damage from all teamate and 10% from same faction, drop damage from nobody heroes and boost damage from same heroes faction.

Developer create faction but they use only a little bit. Create more heroes with synergy between faction and change the too strong hero like kurtz and krieger or everybody will use same heroes as the game is now

My favorite lineup. I think you just have to accept, that’s how Kurtz works, a boss hero.

Nothing wrong with Kurtz team, it’s just a cleaver set up (especially I came up with this idea months ago :laughing:). I designed this team to upset the game, hoping that something can be adjusted about those lightenings. Unfortunately that did not happen. Having said, there’s always the debate about skills vs strategies in PvP, and it’s difficult to say who is right. What I hate most is those rollers, who roll from the beginning to the end without particular reasons.

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Same would happen if you fail to kill kurtz regardless of his team.
People really need to stop complaining about everything, kurtz is a great hero now, just learn how to beat him and yeah, sometimes you will win sometimes you wont, live with it.
Heroes arent made to be equal, since you said that was the goal of your post here.

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Hold on a minute. The second someone posts a pvp team with a couple thousand power difference across all heroes, being matched with ruby teams,the general consensus is - you’re getting penalized because you don’t have a balanced team.

Now someone is pointing out the chronic sandbag of using a green hero with a bunch of plats, the story changes to - this is just the meta, there’s nothing wrong with it.

Double standards imo.


Wrong. When I started the game with gold4 as maximum sandbagging with Razorback was the thing and the forum was full of complaints. And probably even that wasn’t the first exploit.

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Ronin was the first real sandbag. Obviously razorback being higher meant a bigger advantage. But that was without heroes that NEEDED lower heroes to gain that advantage. Razorback did the same without lower allies. Ronin used lower heroes to boost attack damage. Razorback being

Lol. I knew you would jump on it and prove that @TEAMKHS is right with his post.

And still you’re wrong. Obviously you don’t know how Razorback sandbag worked.


Ofcourse i do. Razorback soaks up all the damage and distributes it to enemies when his shield breaks. Means you can easily get 3 kills. Though you don’t need lower enemies to trigger that

You’re wrong. When razorback first came out, his gold was such that when you shot him, you were essentially shooting yourself because of the feedback of razorburst. There was many more sand bagging teams even before ronin. My personal favorite was fortress.