Can you please fix this issue... please

When I start a match. And I’m using odachi and kurtz and so is my opponent, the first 2 seconds are so important, and sometimes I’m still running to my spot while they’re already shooting when the match starts. And it’s not like they’re a rear hero and I’m frontline, we’re talking about each person controlling odachi, and having the same 4 heroes in the same order. My kurtz was dead before I even started the match. I don’t want to win that way, and I definitely don’t want to lose that way. It’s been happening since I started this game almost 2 years ago but now that it’s a race to who kills the other kurtz first, it’s unfair if the other guy gets a 3 second head start, and he had time to empty a clip and reload before I even got to my position and got control over my hero. That’s insane, I can understand lag but I can’t understand letting 2 opponents start at different times like that.

Ps, we need a way to store team xp the way we store hero xp


I know this problem only too well. I have an idea, the fight does not begin until all heroes have taken their position, and a timer 3 … 2 … 1 has expired

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