Kurtz lightening with level 1 green

Heard that!!!


Pilfer is right: there are/were so many heroes used for sandbagging before. Mighty panzer was invincible when she came out. It’s a bit strange to see Ronin is associated with sandbagging actually, as he was discovered to combat Panzer. Ronin had been around for a long time and no one cares about him until that…. Again, this suggests there are always cleaver people who can find cleaver set ups. It’s a game and it’s played within the rule. So no need to complain and just find your own best team. Sorry, I was wrong: yes, we can complain, but complain to HHG, not other players :grinning:

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Another proof that you don’t know what you are talking about.
It was his gold not his shield.

Lol. The discussion went off the track and became “who has the biggest knowledge contest”.
One suggestion to HHG to stamp out this min max issue: only allow 5 hero teams in pvp; and the power difference between the top and bottom heroes cannot be over 50%.

Pvp issues have been brought up numerous times. Everyone know I’ve complained about the over power in coop pvp.just to constantly get the power dif in line up brush off. There are so many issues in this game. And HH seen to just want to add more fluff with more issues and stack up the issue pyramid. But I still play the game so I guess game fun out weights game issues

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I think 3 and 4 man teams are an aspect of the freedom of choosing our own teams and being creative. I’m fine with the state pvp is now in my opinion

Well. From my own experience i got/demolished enemies by popping the bronze shield. Just because you experienced it different doesn’t mean it is so

Yeah this whole threat turned into “Sandbagging history and who is the best HH historian.” :joy:

Y’all are entertaining, but I fear the benefit of the thread is beginning to wane, especially if the personal jabs keep up.

Yeah we went off track when Rob Prank started telling rubbish. :man_shrugging:


There are heroes who do damage over time. And even if you got, exactly, the new hero with the skill you want, what if your opponent took that hero out first?

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This debate still not yet over. If this keeps going, devs would take notice and nerf the involved heroes :frowning:

It’ll keep going if someone keeps necro-ing this cursed thread. :joy:


I totally agree with that. :smiling_imp:

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You just did that lol


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Pretty sure that was you but ok

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