Kurtz mission...anyone else having trouble?

I’ve tried multiple combinations of my highest hero’s (which the team I’m using is at 93k, 10k above the required lvl) and I just can’t get kurtz down let alone his shield. Anyone have any tips on beating him? Thanks!

Astrix is the go to for beating Kurtz and Mech heroes.

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I got him with kuno
You need to do it quick so go with heroes that does their dmg fast

Kaishi is the key to beating kurtz

I’ve been trying to get Astrix up, I need to get her up just a bit more I think. I appreciate the advice everyone!

Just boosted astrix up and got it on my third try! Friggin sweet! Thanks again y’all!


At 14/10 getting wesson will be even harder :slight_smile:


Mate ITS the easiest boss ever, just get cinder maven astrix of any other good bio damage dealer and just mandrake, kill him in 15 seconds or you lose

Hell he is but I did it just on a nip

Everyone is at different power levels, please remember you may find it easy but the OP clearly says they don’t have very high power

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I couldn’t do it until I got my kaishi to level 90 plat with 9 stars. It’s very difficult.

Yup i had lucky shot with astrix after 50 tries :slight_smile:

Continuing the discussion from Kurtz mission…anyone else having trouble?:

When i unlocked the mission i won even my power was lower than what it is reauired maybe its because of maven, surge, cinder , matador, and hideo these are the heroes that I used to defeat the mission mostly use stunners and silencers

Late reply but here’s my answer:

My first encounter with Kurtz was months ago but I do remember bringing in an all DPS team even when I was 5000 power below the recommended level. It all basically boiled down to DPS’ing Kurtz fast enough so that he wouldn’t be able to use his abilities more than once. If I remember correctly, I carefully micromanaged my team so that Maven, Cinder, and Salvatore would be able to use their Bronze skills on Kurtz only.

If memory serves, this was the team comp:

  • Maven
  • Salvatore
  • Cinder
  • Kunoichi
  • Hardscope

It’s sub-optimal but it got the job done.

but how can you beat 13-9 with the endless waves of enimes. can anyone help?

Focus the enemies that are marked in the objectives. Get your tankiest team comp with one DPS Hero and focus on those targets.

Siren with halo is a good start. Now shield and heal with your next 2 and finish your team with cinder or Astrix. If you can keep siren alive, her skill does massive damage