Has anyone beat 2-3 extreme without Kurtz?

Stuck on this mission :/, I am level 94 currently if it matters. But any team suggestions from people that have beat this mission would be greatly appreciated.

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I too am stuck on 2-3 Extreme for the last month or so. I’m getting closer with the Kurtz/Halo/Oracle/Flatline/Hivemind(or matador) team. Oracle seems to be worthwhile for extreme so I just recently got her to 10* and am working on finishing 4bar Plat.

There is also this vid showing it’s possible with Shivs/Phalanx/Brogan/Francois/Oracle. Shivs will be my next focus to 4-5Bar Plat if I keep failing with Kurtz

I watched that video, because of his videos I am leveling up oracle and brogan to 4/5 bar platinum. All of mine have ten stars so I just need the bars at this point.

That Fran-Brogan boost is potent, Otersey knows his stuff.

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I am also stuck on 2.3 ext and trying different hero’s but not clear

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Forgot to update this, I beat this and I am on 3-5 now. Moved to level 95 but only have one ruby hero at the moment.

What squad did you use? I’m still stuck

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I was level 94 at the time but this team worked and now I am on 3-5 but haven’t really tried to beat 3-5 yet.

Sadly if you don’t have Kurtz you will really struggle to reach D3 to get access to QW. Kurtz and Serial are vital EXTREME heroes and without them I would just play the game normally and forget about extreme until you unlock them. You can just as easily reach 95 using hard missions, it just takes longer.


I’m using the “standard” team for 2-3 Extreme but just can’t get past it. I’m getting wiped in the 3rd wave quickly. I’ve watched the Klogan video a dozen+ times, but just back luck I suppose. Any tips for getting past that 3rd wave? Should I Plat +5 anyone aside from Kurtz?

That’s because you’re using oracle instead of mandrake, oracle is useless in extreme past Distritct 1.

Use Kurtz to execute then revive with flatline and repeat, mandrake is vital as he cloaks the person who is executed

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Tried and tried and tried with Mandrake, but just couldn’t do it. I was barely getting to wave 2. Went back to Oracle and 3* it in a few more attempts.

Those of you still stuck, just keep trying. It took a lot of luck, especially the 3*. Flatline resurrected Halo seconds before finish.


Great job my friend, what level are you on now?

I’m up to 2-8, but waiting on energy to keep pushing through. Just thankful I never have to grind 2-3 again!

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Any update? Anyone share how u beat his one so that I can waste less stamina? :parasol_on_ground:

I posted my load out and another guy posted his…

I am also stuck on 2-3 after the first wave my team of Serial, Lancer, Kobalt, Siren & Castilian (all 10☆ & all Ruby). I have tried everything from controlling each of them different times, I have also substituted Ruby 10☆ Duran for Castilian. Any and all advice will greatly be appreciated.

Did you try the hero load out I posted?

Yes, I did beat that level with bucket’s skin glitch.
I’m stuck on 2.7 extreme.