Latest Q&A Recap

Hey fine folks of the HH Community!

This will be a short Q&A of the most important questions that were asked during the latest Q&A Session we had on Discord. A lot of the answer will be that we are not sure yet, but that is only because we have barely scratched the surface of this game. But I can assure you we will have many many discussions about these things in the future!

  1. When is the next Update coming - As soon as it is ready and we are happy with the end product. Meaning we don’t want to deliver a rushed mess of an Update just for the sake of there being an Update.

  2. Will you lift the Chat bans for players suspended by HHG - That was addressed in a different Forum post, but to reiterate, we are not planning on it for the time being.

  3. Will there be more Q&As in the future - Definitely

  4. Will you guys improve the rewards from crates/patrols or any store changes - This suggestion was passed on to the team, but there are no plans for this yet. That doesn’t mean that we won’t think about this in the future.

  5. Will there be more Scavenger Hunts - Most likely, yes, if anything changes we will let you guys know!

  6. Level Cap and VIP Cap increase - This one is definitely for the future, at the moment there hasn’t been a discussion about it yet!

  7. PvP Matchmaking - This is one of the first things we started thinking about, but we haven’t made a concrete decision yet.

  8. Co-op and solo Raid changes - Another one for the future, our main goal right now is to stabilize the game.

  9. New Campaign Missions - Absolutely on the list, but we will need quite some time with this one!

  10. New PvP Maps - I have suggested this to the team but it is something that needs further discussion!

The only hero that will be getting buffs from now on is Clyde (Who may or may not be my favourite hero now) :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Again these are not all the questions I received, but the ones that were most frequently asked!
I get that the answers are not what you were looking for but I want to remind you that we are still very new to this project and any decisions come with a lengthy discussion within the team.

Nevertheless, we will keep you guys informed every step of the way!


Looking at the questions been asked in QnA session, I think DECA deserves a better community.

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Man, give us something to do, we’ll accept a pvp event at this point

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Not at all. We are an awesome community. Though as you may know. Out of the 10 comments the 1 that is negative is shown most visibly. Hate has always had more impact than love sadly

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You have gorgons. Pvp. Canpaign. Gauntlet and solo raids. If you’ve done that already. Go do some homework or overwork :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I looking forward to it.

Sounds hypocritical to me

I hope the wait is worth it. If the the update is worth the wait then i will be happy with no complaints. Every update since alliance wars was introduced had surprise glitches that usually effected the smoothness of the gameplay at the cost of the players. So if i have to wait for a almost perfect update while deca gets the groove of things then so be it.
To the Devs.
Thanx for the update on the progress. So far i like what i see. Only time will tell and trust has to be earned on both sides. So things will be rocky for a while. Lol My only hope is that you will continue to improve this already amazing game. Till then. The ball is in your court. Lets see what you got! :+1::slightly_smiling_face::+1:


@KINGPIN1134 what exactly have they done that you like so far? Just curious b/c so far there’s been nothing. Scratch that, they offered some freebies a couple times when they messed something up. Now though, we’ve been left with nothing, events scheduled and not starting, days with absolutely nothing, not even stupid brawl, lol. The recap of the QnA is basically one of US politics… No actual answers to any quetsions, just, we’ll look into that, that may be something, perhaps one day. I mean, I’m with you about hopefully the wait is worth it, but, they’ve done nothing imo as well as members of my alliance. :frowning:


How long have they officially took over? Less then a month. They need to fix the mistakes HH has created. You think thats easy? Lol You cant just fix something. You need to isolate the issue and formulate a solution in whatever task you are trying to fix. General rule of troubleshooting. Coding is on the complex side of that rule because of the interaction of the whole system.
They have been communicating and actually giving us information. That right there shows respect for their players. They can just snuff us and do what they want. I see effort. I see a new group of devs trying to get familiar and make improvements in this game.
So like i said. We will see what happens.



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Yea, but, what have they done that you like? Communicate? I suppose, except it’s just telling us to wait. I’m waiting, and hopeful, but bummed at how it’s gone so far. Maybe tomorrow’s calendar event they posted will actually start… They didn’t chime in on that issue that multiple people brought up. Communication…

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More like whats in the communication. They could have just released whatever they had. Take our money and care less about the outcome. Thats what HH did Monthly. Lol i like that they will postpone income for a better outcome. Yes no events. Nothing to do. No money for them as a result. That sacrifice for the dollar shows me that they want the best for this game. Even at the expense of their own revenue.

Just my opinion and yes im well aware of deca and their past dealings. I put way too much time and funds to just trust the people that take over. So for now ill just wait and keep my eyes open.

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Nothing is guaranteed. In fact, when we use any service, and we raise something. If we received the answer from publisher/producer like “they are considering, they will plan…” it’s mean they will do nothing and there is nothing will be changed.

That’s just the way they use to deal and reduce angry from customers, haha

Give them a little time, patience is a virtue


Im with Kingpin on this one, HH pushed out buggy update after buggy update with reskinned FF heros just to make money from us and the majority complained about it.

The fact that DECA pushed back a chance to make money with an update shows they actually care about what they are putting out there.

Stop complaining and give them a chance.


Thank you @GunSlinger for the feedback, the Top Ten List, and the reassurances at this time.


After Every update i read this somewhere _ there is this problem ; that problem ; this and that not working. We dont mind not getting a new hero for a month or two but try to fix the problem.
And now when DECA is doing such a thing ; i read this _ why is there no update ; no new hero ahh

I hope DECA will fix the problems with game and would really like to see people who wanted to get the peoblems fixed rather than a new hero come forward to support when someones doing what they wanted.



And we they the same exact people? Did you think that maybe a lot of folks were actually happy with the cadence, and that the majority of what some of us were doing and playing worked?

I normally hate game forums, I didn’t even register after playing for over a year… just came to see what was next and then get ready and go play. That’s so many damn players that its not even funny.

I’m trying to be extremely patient but is it not possible to run older events like the last bounty with the same heroes and some blitzes? Please tell me we are not only going to get one event with Hikari. The beast helped me set an all new high by a mile in bounty with ease. Resources are dwindling, lost track how many weeks it been now, is this week 2 or 3 with nothing? I’m apprehensive to spend a single dollar on a game that is basically Schrödinger’s cat, is it dead or is it alive. I guess it’s both until we open the box aka the update. Most of the answers we’ve received have been vague which adds to the lack of confidence…guess I’ll patiently wait, gives me more time to explore new games, I guess.