Event Calendar. April 2022

Alright, alright, you got me.

Now the actual April calendar. Better late than never, right? :smirk:

:bangbang: DISCLAIMER :bangbang:
Please keep in mind that some of the events dates may be chaged due to the upcoming update. We will keep you posted, of course.

As of now, please enjoy and wait for the special Easter event :wink:


a Monday-Sunday bounty??


damm, calendar looks amazing,even if there are mistakes

Sweet a calendar with war on it! It is a bit confusing though with the overlapping of colors and days especially the middle of the month with bounty. Good effort but does need some refining. Think you need to stick with a color for each major category. War, PVP, Bounty, Raids, Blitz, Special events etc. Don’t need different colors for each type of PVP for example.

And the feature heroes are ??

A more modern design alternative, just fyi this may change and I am not 100% sure this is completely correct in terms of events and dates


Easy to read quickly; good work @Gale :+1::clap:

Seriously, a Bounty that’s extended and not just a weekend? MFSOAB.
DECA. Please stop the madness ok?

I guess you assume adults who work don’t play… but damn.

Lets replay April

  1. April fools joke that was more reality than joke.
  2. Late April calendar that shows a frelling with the Bounty timing…
  3. No announcement of featured faction.

So far y’all HH > DECA. And thats not that high a bar to strive for.


Way easier on the eyes. Hope this will be a one-time thing with bounty. I have limited time during the work week to game.

Would of thought someone would of warned you guys the servers cant handle two events at the same time, which is why HH moved bounty…thanks for the lag!! :disappointed:


More like 3 or 4 with bounty, war and pvp events :cold_sweat: y’all gonna have a month of frustration, then again, we don’t know how DECA servers hold up yet. We never knew if it’s the games bad coding or their actual servers having problems

Good morning devs!
Thank you for 6 days in bounty, it is a good idea.
Don’t take it back just because of some people complaining.
But need to polish the system a lil more, lagging is ruining this good idea.


@DECA thank you for the calendar.
I also love this bounty schedule during the week. Everyone is enjoying it as it’s available for everyone to their schedule all week long.
Still, If there’s a problem during the week at least you’re available unlike the weekend of 3 days of bounty problems until Monday. That’s a plus when things are in control and routine.

War during the week is not for us and isn’t very competitive except for the ones that are available during the work week when war starts Right now the only teams doing well in war are the ones that can participate on time.So, If war was 3 days during the weekend, in that change, everyone is now freed and could would actually be able to participate and make it competitive plus enjoy a family holiday weekend without the drain or even problems of bounty without developer support and be able to enjoy a regular weekend and can enjoy new light on the server weekend events and raids. Giving us new stuff to do during the weekends without crashes and bounty during the work week. At least for us the schedule with bounty this week works well.

War does not mainly because of the time of reset, so this is why for us the weekend would be better to get everyone in my group a better chance to participate for war or simply change the reset time to that of daily stamina reset, for example, when everyone is available. Notice that the stamina resets are ideally placed to my time zone HHG set it up perfectly like other events to start as well.
But unfortunately, since war is a full alliance participation type of event it doesn’t work for others outside and in my time zone. It only works for me and others that are free. This is why the start of war like a regular event is flawed and should have a different start time to itself, like stamina reset times. I can say that because changing it or leaving war reset time alone works for me either way, again Stamina reset is spaced and placed perfectly so should war start at the same time by design because it doesn’t work for everyone to participate with on the current time.

Overall, The current schedule this bounty week doesn’t work for everyone but neither does the regular one that’s been in place for years. This is why I and others can appreciate the current change for bounty and would like to see a new start time for war or a move to new days like the weekends if you’re dead set on the start time. Just a thought.
Again thank you for the calendar. .

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You sparked an idea in my head: what if we have Alliance Wars over the weekend, but our Battle Points reset every 12 hours?

Almost 3 weeks in and still no update. You could have atleast kept the spewage coop going for people to try and get him since you made it 7* and nearly impossible to get unless you spend money


Repeating a flagged post is of no point. It will get flagged again.

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I won’t get tired of repeating

if you are posting repeated stuff, that just becomes spam.

you could do other things while the update drops

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The easter hunt cannot be launched until the update does. Deca is not killing the game though. There are just some struggles on the way to their succes. Just be patient and we will see what comes from it. I’m glad they at least give us a hunt.

could put a simulator soon that we will still have 1 more week of war consequently 1 more week without the new update this would help us players