Hero Spotlight: Fiber

Icon_ElementEnergy FIBER

Faction_ColorIcon PATRIOTS

Fiber, the “World Hacker,” joins the Hunt as our newest 7 Star Hero! This reality-bending hacker can change the flow of an entire battle, making enemy bullets heal, transferring damage to cover, and stripping shields from opponents. She also has access to a new Ruby Skill!

Primary Weapon - Reality Crystal

Skills Header


Bronze Skill - Active Ability


Hacks a targeted enemy. For 10 seconds, all basic attacks from that enemy will heal targets – including cover.

Hack the World

Silver Skill - Active Ability


Repair all allied cover to 300% health. All allies receiving damage transfer that damage to the cover they’re behind, until that cover is destroyed, for the duration of the effect.

Super Charged

Gold Skill - Passive Ability


All allies under the effect of Hack the World deal additional damage based on 6x the remaining health of the cover in front of them.

Reroute Power

Platinum Skill - Passive Ability


Hacked enemies lose all shields. Hacked enemies cannot gain use shields for the duration of the Hack.


Ruby Skill - Passive Ability


This Hero starts each battle with their Bronze and Silver Skills partially charged. Charge value increases with Skill level. They also gain additional Armor and a 30% increased chance to Dodge.

How can I get Fiber?!

AW crate

Fiber fragments will be available as Alliance War rewards starting in Season 26! She’ll also be available through a LIMITED TIME Feature Crate!

What do you think of Fiber? Let us know in the comments!


Very excited for this one!


Dang. New ruby skill? Also now my tank army is worthless. Sad :slightly_frowning_face:

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New war hero finally

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I am super excited for her. Another 7 star patriot. Really throws off my theory for one 7 star hero per faction. Also she is our second 7 star girl. Also I just realized something who is the Leader of this faction? Fiber is just a weapon. I wonder if Fiber is just the first of many weapons for the patriots.

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A female hero? Well that explains her saltiness against Min; petty girl rivalry n’ stuff. :joy:

This is one I’m pretty excited for. Looking forward to see how she operates (and how quickly Marlowe can chew her up :smiling_imp:)


She seems to be very nice :wink:

She will replace Kurtz or Serial on Alliance War rewards?


Looks like a solid hero

I cannot wait to make gimmicks with her!

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Wow! Nice… I was losing interest in the game. This a spark!

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So, what line she will fight? front, mid or backline? OR any of them!!!

Here we go! Get it boys!

That bronze seems too op ngl, and serial will still receive damage for radio irridium if her bronze is still active? Right?

I cannot wait to see people complain about her


Why’s her ruby a different pic? Is that something else coming this update? All heroes get custom ruby pics?

Her Ruby Skill is new and unique to her! Hence why she gets her own Ruby pic :sunglasses:


Unique voice hopefully too?

Wow. She looks awesome. I love the fact that she will likely be complicated to master. This is going to give that boost i just needed! Also i love the new ruby skill. She is probably going to be very very good

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With the trailer and unique icons there’s no doubt she will have a unique voice. 7* heroes are given more attention in that regard.


Matador and serial gets nervous before this diva, it seems very promising,