Level up or not? Please help me if you can. Thanks

Basically I have my heros at level 60 or 65. Most of them. Some of them on 80 but whatever level they are the skills are same. Now I was thinking is ok to level them up and then skills later on slowly slowly as that would need time with only getting cash from gunlet. What you all think. Thanks and much appreciated.

Depends on what your goal is. If you want to do good in PvP I would not level them up, since you get punished for not level uped skills (at least in theory). If you want to have high power and do good in Bounty, Raids etc, you should level them up.

Thanks man. I usually like more the pvp and I get top100 most of the time. I just asked as only 137 days on this game and I don’t know much about it. And I didn’t wanna do a mistake. On raids and bounty I am ok with what I have as last bounty I did 3.5 billion. So is fine. Some heros I have them on 80. The ones I use the most for pvp as well and they do good on bounty. Thanks mate. Much appreciated

I would say to keep your teams equal to other team members. I’d also say it’s best to keep the skills equal to the hero level. I have one hero who that’s not the case for and maybe that’s a mistake too. I only have Mandrake’s gold and plat at hero level the other two skills are about half his level. After playing this game for some time now I’ve realized that not leveling heroes can help a lot. Sometimes one or two levels can make a good team total crap. It does make sense for PvP events and bounties to get everyone to max level for max points. What I did was leveled everyone but my good PvP team. Once I made a good team with my leveled up heroes, I then leveled my good team. Glad I did that too. It really paid off.

Are you reading this devs?