A new way for XP

I was thinking, most people have sooooo much hero XP, that we can’t even use, why not make us able to trade it in for like 1/10 of the XP, after like level 90, so there also is still something to wait for for high level players, let me know what you think of it :+1:

So you want to be able to use less xp after hitting a certain level just because higher levels want to take their time for something?

Doesn’t make sense to lower the xp :-1:

He may have meant converting Hero XP into Team XP (to lvl up your account).


They told us there would be more ways to get xp still waiting on that


We need coops, solo raids and gauntlet xp. Each level after 90 requires huge amountvof xp and takes way too long without money.

Please @Robert_Pronk give me some hero xp. I am level 67 and my heroes still at 65 with zero xp on my account. Still grind every day even though I reset solo raids every day.

Uuuhm, i have over 70k of small, 50k medium, 30k big and 200 supreme ones

I hope so to toll :slight_smile:

It was because mostly lower level players, and i say mostly, have less xp avaible, so it wouldnt be as appreciated as top players do

That’s what I am saying. Actually top players should see us as babies and sometimes make some request to developers for us too. I wish I had more xp heroes. Much love :heart: For everyone. Love this game.