Looking for doc editors!

Hello Hunters!

It has been October for more than a week now…and things are starting to get spooooky in the HH universe.

Razorback is painting himself orange and slowly transforming…He wants to go on a hunt, a hunt for doc editors!
If you’d like to help out the whole community with locating all the pumpkins, and if you think you have what it takes - let us know if you’d like to join as an editor!

After a week or a bit more, together with our Discord mod team, we will let the selected editor/s know!

If you’d like to take part in the pumpkin hunt fun together with your fellow players, head over to our official Discord server:

Let us Hunt and make Razorback’s smile even wider!


I’m always down for a scav hunt! I have previous editing experience and i have time and motivation. You may always count on me!
I hope VIP is back online by then as that helps. I can monitor forums and vip if so!

I’m always willing to help out in every and anyway I can. Learned a lot from the last hunt and I’m always around to help out whenever and wherever I can.


I’m up for it. I’m around on discord most of the times. Would love to help the community finding those pumpkins plus it would be a fun activity too.


I’m up for it too. I think it can be a fun way to help fellow players :slight_smile:

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