Looking For Members Or Alliance Merge

We’re currently 15 members over 14M power we’re looking for members to join us must be +70

we’re not an alliance who wants you to be online all the time we’re just chilling out squad looking for fun and just chill and be atleast once online everyday to do your tasks and be free after that, please feel free to joing TOKOYAMI SQUAD

if you’re an alliance commander and has 10 members or less that is +70 please contact me in game COWBOYMEMO or search Alliance TOKOYAMI SQUAD we can do a merge with granted roles to your members


Is it a merge to your alliance or any? I have started an alliance that also has to grow and will become a succesfull alliance

yes sir if you got about 8 player or more you can merge with us we got 15 players each has atleast 1 mil power, if your guys has atleast lvl 70 we’re okay with helping you guys up in lvls to be as strong as us

I at this very moment have 0 players above 1 mil, i have only recently been building my alliance, but i am pretty sure if we will merge we can get members fast, i might also have someone that is going to get a few good members of his old alliance in mine after war

hit me up in game my name is ‘CowBoyMemo’