Lvling heroes decreased their power?

Why when I level up my heroes the power goes down? That’s just silly :pensive: soo many, these are just few:

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im going to guess that because your hero is a higher level, that now the skills make him a bit weaker. like your hero Moss is at 83 now, but his skills are at 75. now further away from being balanced, hence the lower power.

I could be wrong, but its just a theory. maybe a Dev can clue one in.

that also happens to me but I just leave the game and go back in and the power changes :slight_smile:

Just have to back out and back in and power is corrected… Its just a glitch. Check em again and their fine.

This happens occasionally due to rounding errors, I wouldn’t worry about it. Power is just an aggregate calculation anyway, it doesn’t directly drive anything.