Change in hero stats

Hi everyone,
I think i need to address this issue here regarding the change in heroes stats. I am not sure about other heroes however i have noticed significant reduction in maven’s damage (almost 25%) which is affecting my whole team performance. Now she does less damage than ever and dies as quickly as she was before. You guys need to understand the fact that we invest in heroes because of their abilities and stats. If their stats are gonna change like this , it is becoming questionable for us to invest on any hero because we dont know that the hero we are investing on today (because of its stats) would no longer have the same power which really pisses me off and its totally unacceptable. I am sure there would be other players as well who would have the same frustration regarding this change. It really affects hero’s performance and as result whole team suffers. Now, Upgrading maven seems lyk waste of tym and money coz its power has reduced and does not do any better in the battle field. We invest our tym money and patience to max out hero we like and suddenly an update screws all. Please dont make us regret on our efforts we put into to upgrade heroes. I am requesting to switch heroes back to their original stats so we can keep playing this game in the futue.

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I fully agree on that

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Does anyone else noticed the same with other heroes ?

You’re absolutely right Khalis, but I don’t think this message will make a difference.
It effects my team also (I have a 10* 4 gold Maven which used to be my strongest player) but in previous updates they did simular changes to team members like Nightingale. She used to heal the entire team and now she only heals a specific team member. So I have a 9* 3 gold Nightingale with a lot less value to my team as she would have had when I started updating her…

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Most games rebalance occasionally to maintain playability, which I get. However, I believe drastic nerfing should be avoided.

The removal of Maven from the hard mode is one way to affect player behaviour, but to nerf this much is an insult to players who have invested in getting her frags.

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Hello Hero Hunters!

Thank you for sharing your feedback about the latest Hero Balance changes. Yes, we’ve made adjustments to specific Hero Stats and Power Ratings and yes, Maven was one of the Hero affected.

Game Balance is a very complex issue. We constantly strive to make a fun and fair experience for everyone. We want as many Heroes as possible to feel powerful and rewarding to invest in. Unfortunately, that sometimes means we will have to make changes to existing Heroes.

Whenever we make changes to existing Heroes, these changes aren’t made lightly, there are numerous factors that we base our balancing decisions on. In the case of Maven’s adjustments; Her relative power rating over-incentivized her usefulness in a battle and often made her a required pick; even if she wasn’t the best option.

Maven’s new power rating brings her closer to her peers of similar level and star-rating. Her stat changes shift her into more of a ‘specialist’ role. She is more reliant on getting effective use out of her abilities and deals considerably less basic weapon damage. Maven is intended to be a counter for back-line supports, silencing Medics to prevent them from healing their teammates, and lighting the ground on fire to prevent her targets from staying in cover.

Alternative Bio-Chem Heroes were improved to make them more viable. Odachi, Artemis and Francoise have all received improvements and more changes are on the way to further improve the existing Bio-Chem line up. Additionally, we are always adding New Heroes to the fray, which can shake up the Game Balance.

We understand that it feels pretty bad when your favourite Hero is nerfed. Maven was an extremely common Hero and was a popular choice for PVP; So these changes will have affected a lot of you. In order to maintain overall game balance, these hard decisions will have to be made.

But, don’t give up on Maven just yet! We have big plans for her, and we’re sure you are going to love what’s coming soon.

As always, keep your feedback coming! We Hope that together we can continue to make Hero Hunters a better game.

Happy Hunting!