Lwa - Update 7.2

New hero: Lwa

:sparkles: Skins:

Common: Tribal
Rare: Metaphysical

:new: Mythic skin for Colonel Wesson: Captain Wesson

:sparkles: Featured Factions:


Extreme District 10 !

About time for the next one, ain’t it, Hunters?

We were greatly impressed with your skills and how fast a lot of you tackled District 9 last time, so taking that into consideration, we hope that District 10 will provide a bigger challenge for your skills and prowess! We’d even say that those who manage to beat District 10 will be…Elite Hunters. :wink:

That will be signified by this awesome portrait which you will be able to wear like a badge of honor once you beat mission 10 of the District!
For the first win of the mission, you will receive a special create token which then you can use to get the portrait as a guaranteed reward from the respective crate!


:sparkles: Skill Point Recharge Rework

Skill points will now recharge faster. From the previous 1 point per 5 minutes, you will now gain 1 point per 3 minutes. Their cap has also been significantly increased. It will also continue to scale with VIP level as follows:

:sparkles: New way to obtain Rare Skins:

Some previously unobtainable rare skins will now become purchasable with gold in the Skin Menu.

:sparkles: Events:

  • Blitz events
  • Bounties
  • PvP Tournaments
  • New PVP Season
  • Co-op Raids
  • Alliance Wars
  • Ethereal Raid
  • Extreme Raid

:sparkles: Additional events

Endless Summer Blitz!

Summer ain’t over until we say so, right? Unlock awesome rewards from the Endless Summer Event Crate and progress through the Endless Summer Event Blitz along the way! Opening Endless Summer Event Crates counts towards this Blitz Event! 1x and 10x rewards 1 point and 10 points respectively!
What awaits you at the end, is a Mythic skin for Colonel Wesson!

Additional Raid Event

In this update, there will be a Raid event through which you could obtain Luciana’s mythic skin.

:sparkles: Hero changes:

Buffed Heroes: Sapphyr, Alcatraz, Artemis and Hikari :point_right: Hero Buffs - 7.2 - Patch Notes - Official Hero Hunters Community


This is by far one of the grandest updates i’ve seen in a while! Can’t wait to rant about this after i check it out!


I cannot name a con about this update. I love the changes to the availability of skins. It gives hope and purpose for people to keep playing.
But it’s also the QoL changes. It makes the game fresh, fun and especially welcoming to both newer but also older players. If we get a steady stream of this i would really see a lot of older players but especially newer players will be staying. I am so happy it is going into this direction as i have complete faith in DECA to hold the future for this game, i just hope HH attracts enough players to populate this game so we can keep that flow going.

This Wesson skin is also really fun, and i like how it makes him not a modern captain, but a pirate captain instead. It’s design is good and unique in my opinion, only i do hope this will make it into a skinline :wink: i would absolutely love skinlines/themes myself.

Now, onto extreme. It was fun, challenging (sort of) and very rewarding with the possibility for people to get Sheshen now. I think this will give max level players an incentive to complete extreme and grind some more for this rare hero! Love that!
Although, i do not like to brag. But…

Thank you for the recognition of hard working players. It sounds braggish, but showing something off for the hard work of completing extreme districts is more appreciated (to me at least) than you think.

And lastly. Hero buffs?
4 heroes even?! That’s crazy! I haven’t spend much time testing so far, though it looks very promising and they have definitely gone to the correct heroes in my opinion! I look forward to testing these some and definitely upgrading them as well!


Wooooo…… good update with changes and add of something new.
Finally my post( the game is dying) working :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::heart::heart::heart::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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Great update!

Thanks for the purchase with gold for rare skins. For my knowledge, will the skins available via gold rotate? Or it is just the ones i see now?

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@Deca_Willow when can we redeem the token?

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If you already have the token in your inventory, you should see a special crate in the shop where you can use it.

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Hey there! Sorry for missing your question earlier. For now, it’s just the skins you see, but we appreciate all feedback on this and will consider it for the future. :blush: