M7RC - Elite Mercenaries Recruiting

Happy 4th of July fellow players!

I decided to come back to leadership and and revive M4RC (now M7RC) which was a former Top Alliance.

I am looking for players above LvL 90 who are hungry for knowledge about the game, how to play, and unlocking the secrets of HH Gameplay.

I am one of the elite PvP Players in the game who can help you get better, understand tactics, and enhance your skill. If you want one of those Elite Faction Brawl Golden Ring Profiles, I am one of those players who can help you achieve one to add to your portfolio. PvP is a lot more then just power and stars on your hero. With the right understanding of how your Hero works, timing of abilities, and opponents Hero’s abilities; anyone is beatable. But it truly takes skill, timing, and counter attacks to defeat a well skilled opponent.

My XO is Timm4y who is a master egg finder and Mission (Normal, Hard, Extreme) level solver. Timm4y and I work well together conquering Missions at all levels and building a fun alliance of gamers who know how to get the job done.

If your looking for a Commander who understands strategy and tactics in Alliance Wars, then look no further. I am proud to say I am one of the best at AW who can lead an alliance to victory, vengeance, and master planning of destroying your enemy!

I have never posted an open recruitment like this. But I wanted to do something different and allow any gamer above lvl 90 who is hungry to play and learn.

If you truly enjoy the game, want to smash in PvP, and want an alliance who is ready to teach you all there is to know about being a top gamer; then join me and Timm4y at M7RC-Elite Mercenaries!!

P.S. DEVS are invited to join! M7RC is sponsored by Judge Judy, we all ride Tron motorcycles to our Elite hideout where we drink the best Canadian coffee :coffee:, practice fencing, enjoy private musicals by Taylor Swift in her role of CATS, sponser plant more trees for the Forest, and all wear the same cat paw slippers while we sit in our gaming chairs!!

Sounds like the perfect Headquarters to me! Just make sure you bring your mask, sanitizer, and game six-feet apart!


Devs playing in player Alliances is unethical. Thanks for the invitation, though!


Grind account. cough…lol… make one/ use one and join :joy:

@Muninn unethical indeed wink wink
We’ll see u back at headquarters!

When, I’ll reach level 90…I’ll try to learn more from u guys :slight_smile:

It seems like an excellent initiative, good luck!

loooll @USMARINE before leaving the ruby ​​you weren’t even allowed top 500 PvP in elite as in mythical … now 40% of ruby ​​players let’s see if you still want in PvP how when you were the only ruby ​​!!! this is not a hate message far from it! otherwise good recruitment … I could spend the day one day :wink:


I just LOLed when I saw this post.

I heard they are giving away free “I won’t Leave you in the alliance by yourself when I get bored again, possibly, maybe, or maybe not, but definitely no promises” tshirts to the first 5 players who request.


Sponsored by Judge Judy??!!



Good Luck Marine :wink: :wink: :wink: :wink: