Recruiting a noob/low level for [Maad] Everyday Players Alliance

Hi there,

If you are new to the game or you don’t spend much money so you are a lower level, I’m recruiting for my top 250-300 Alliance (okay, so we’re not an elite alliance, but we do alright and are a lot more chilled and only have 1 main rule!)

The requirements for application are:

You play the game regularly (that is our 1 rule, if you haven’t logged in for 2 days, you get kicked)
You need to be a Lv25 or higher (so you can do co-op raids)

The idea is that you can join an alliance where the members are active, share co-ops, maybe be carried in co-ops and share the higher level rewards in the alliance events that a stronger alliance can achieve (we got to reward tier 1 in the last Bounty Event).

If you would like to join send me a message in game, I’m Maadmatt (go to the chat, “Find Players” tab and look me up). We’ll go from there.

I look forward to hearing from you :slight_smile:

Matt (Maadmatt)
[Maad] Everyday Players

I tried to join but your clans officers keeps kicking me out I am lvl 47 with 50k power pls let me in
Hope u read this and say I could join

Sorry @Masterbobze, you needed to send me a message, we’d have a quick chat then I’d tell the Alliance to let you in, that’s how expected it to work.

Anyway, I hope you found a good Alliance to join :+1::grinning:


19 days later…