Made a video of 10 crate opening


Nice, I was gonna make one of these as well once I get the 2700 gold.

Congrats on Savage and Heckler which is what you wanted, haha!

Right now I’ve got 2300 so, I’m almost there too!

Thanks! I started to get lucky towards the end of the opening. Dang you’re almost there, I would definitely watch your video once it comes out. It’d be cool to see what you get and see more videos of hero hunters on youtube.

Nice! :slight_smile:
Should have recorded my first 10 pack when I got Hideo, Odachi, enough Heimlock fragments to make him 8* and Prophet!
I have been saving gold since them, not spending more money (I put a load of dollars in on my first day of playing) and I recently got close to a new 10 pack but I decided I didn’t want it. I already have too many characters to pamper… Talk about 1st World Problems. And since I’m not the saving kind of guy I started buying energy refills and also blew 800 gold on that Cinder fragment pack that showed up as a special deal so I’m down at 1000 gold again. Next time I climb to 2700 I am ready to pop a new 10-pack. :slight_smile:

Hey up - at the risk of being laughed off stage :joy: How do you take a video of your game? I assume you are not stood there filming your phone!!! :rofl:

There are third part software for making videos but I also think that the new Android versions has the function built in. I can find my recording button at the bottom where my back / home buttons are.

I use mobizen, free app in the app store easy to use

Thanks, will have a look…

If you have iPhone, the software is already integrated into your phone.

Oh I do have an iphone - pray tell more

Special bonus points if you make a video of how to make a video

Finally got the chance, haha!

Just watched your video. Nice pull man. Now u just need the two 7 stars. Hopefully I won’t be as nervous if I do another video haha.

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OK my turn - video shows 1. Who I have // 2. 5*plus heros in offer that I don’t have // 3. Crate opening

The 5*plus characters that I didn’t have = Odachi, Chester, Francois, Razor, Phalanx, Artemis…and I got:

Ummm, have my video, but how do I upload it? LOL :joy: HELP @Poobgloob

I got Odachi, Chester, Ronin and the rest were duplicate frags…so good times (apart from Chester obviously)

You’ve gotta upload it to YouTube and then post the link :wink:

Just made another video


If anyone is interested, just made a 10x skin crate opening video :]

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Lol, nice call on the Clyde skin :joy:

Haha I felt it in my bones