Make adding of hero frags for max 10 star heroes possible on hero page

Used to be possible to open up the hero frag page on individual heroes when I was below 10 stars to get a consolidated view of all the frag locations for that hero. Now that I’ve hit 10 stars I have to go to the mission page and find each exact locatio to get that sweet Heronium. Is Hothead just trying to be an ass and punish me for reaching that milestone?


Yup I DM Higuun the same issue never got an answer

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Completely agree. I too farm a lot of heronium on Hard Mode and constantly have to check which stages I’ve played/quick won. Even at 10 stars, the locations should still be listed on the hero pages, and it would be really helpful if the map could show what stages you’ve already played, as I suggested about half a year ago:


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