10* heroes

Not sure if this has been posed and if so why it couldn’t be done, but I’d really appreciate an adjustment to the ability to continue to see how to get 10d heroes’ frags. For example, I happen to have nightingale at 10. If I want to farm her frags I have to go to the hard missions and keep scrolling back. If I leave the game for a bit and later come back for cross, I start over from lvl 13. I also worry I may miss a frag this way. Putting back the ability to tap that little plus to see where their frags are (like all non 10*d heroes) would address both concerns.


Sounds like an easy fix for a non gamebreaking but slightly frustrating issue. A nice-to-have. You have my vote.


Thank you. Seems easy, but I’m not a programming guru.

Not me either so for me all these little things seem easy. I know developers love when someone says “it’s a tiny thing, it can’t be that mu much work to implement…”
Anyway since the 1* to 9* heroes already have the frag locations inserted it feels as they actually put extra work into hiding them once they reach 10*.

It doesn’t bother me as much, but I definitely understand where you’re coming from; I travel to Districts 1-4 every day for Heronium. I want that “plus” symbol that shows where to find fragments to still be there after a Hero is 10-starred.

Furthermore, there should be a way to scroll through the Districts more easily. Perhaps giving the ability to hold down the arrow buttons.

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