Top heros to work on

what are the top heros to work on and how do peolle get 10 stars so quickly

Top heroes I recommend:
Dogface, nightingale, panzer, ifrit, flatline, caine, heimlock, mandrake, and wesson(because he is a bonus hero this month).
Platting all of them is a brilliant choice.

People can get 10 stars quickly by collecting hero frags from hard misdion, pvp store, bounty, pvp, and other miscellaneous events, etc.

For example, I used all my biochem&universal frags on Maven to 10 star her in mid-July because her frags were easy to get everyday. (despite being vip-0, I was able to follow my ambition of accessing the heronium shop lol)

I could slowly collect heroniums everyday thanks to her, but I had to 10 star matador as well because his frags was fairly easy to get like maven.

After 10 starring these two, My daily income of heroniums was fairly good.

As people make purchases ingame, they have high privilege of getting more frags, but more grinding in pvp is required to enjoy all the privileges.

That’s how I believe many top players 10 starred heroes quickly.


I’ve been playing since April and I have one 10* (Dogface) along with one 9* (Mandrake) and a few 8* (Maven, Panzer, Odachi, Surge, Heimlock).
While I think I could have gotten at least two 10* by now if I chose to distribute my fragments differently I feel that I have fun with fairly many high starred heroes instead of two 10* and a bunch of under-developed ones.

Don’t feel bad working on your 1* heroes early in the game, several of them are gonna be useful all the way up to the end game. Dogface and Nightingale for instance. Go for Mandrake in the PVP store and get him to Gold - he’s still very much essential for PVP.

It was much easier to 10* heroes a few months back, before heronium currency was introduced.

Back then if you got duplicate frags they became elemental. At one point I had over 8000 elemental frags.

Also Panzer is available in the hero crate.

I didn’t get Maven to 10 starts until a few month ago. And I’ve been playing since May 2018. Cant get her to max platinum because I need to be level 100. So I kinda stopped working on maxing the other guys. I work on the heroes who have bonuses for the month.