Taunt and Marked interaction with Invisibility

Well, there has been a lot of complaining about Mandrake since I started playing, mostly because there was no real counterplay to Mandrake’s gold other than killing him as fast as possible.

Now there is finally something to deal with him efficiently. Marked enemies can no longer go invisible. I love that change to be honest.

But what about taunts? What hero can taunt and go invisible by itself? None. There are two ways this can happen.

First, an invisible hero gets Gammond’s random buff, and they won’t be invisible anymore

Second, a taunting hero goes under 30% hp with Drake on the team and gets invisibility as a way to keep him safe, but, again, the taunting hero won’t be protected anymore, he will still drawn enemy fire, despite being close to death.

My point is, Marked countering Invisibility is an interesting counterplay versus some heroes, which adds more to PvP team composition.

Taunt countering invisibility, on the other hand, limits the hero teams we can create. Using any taunter with Mandrake destroys Mandrake’s gold. using any invisibility hero with Gammond has a chance to render that invisibility useless.

I know not all heroes can have great synergies together, but this seems to hurt more than it helps.

TL;DR: Marked countering invisibility is cool, taunting isn’t.

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We want Mandrake to continue to feel powerful in the right circumstances, but we wanted to reduce his flexibility without reducing his viability.

Mandrake’s [Survival Instincts] allowed him to make his allies invisible whenever they dropped below a specific Health Threshold. We want Mandrake to remain a viable a tank that can effectively protect squishy mid-line and backline allies, but this skill also allowed him to protect Taunting allies from pulling too much damage. The changes to taunting and invisibility will reduce this specific circumstance.

We hope to encourage more varied team comps with this adjustment. The change will incentivize bringing a healer or an additional taunter to support your primary frontline Heroes.

As many know, Mandrake is an extremely popular Hero so the impact of this change is being carefully monitored.


The changes are good and in the right direction.

This change has really brought Nightingale into top tier pvp, where as before it was dominated by Keel/Heimlock.

Also the slight Nerf to taunt has had a small but modest set back to Razorback which was kind of needed as he also dominated PvP

Certainly there is more diversity in PvP now which is great.


But what happen if taunting hero goes invisible? Enemies will attack another hero or still attacking taunting hero? I’m kinda confused :thinking:

Heroes cant go invisible anymore while taunting, so they will get attacked

Well, that’s a disappointment, Mandrake’s survival instinct ability SHOULD cancel taunting hero to fix this problem. I think :thinking: :disappointed_relieved:

Omnipotent, is there any chance that we can get an option to disable aim assist when going out of cover?

This is my biggest problem when playing against Mandrake. Shoot an enemy, he goes invisible, keep shooting, reload, and then my aiming crooss moves to the closest enemy hero, so I lose time aiming back to where the invisible guy is. This is especially painful for heroes with low ammo per cartridge, like Oro

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I’ve waited this long to give a feedback as I wanted to give the new update a chance and experience the toons is a lot of different play modes and matches. The combination of the nerf on Gammon and Mandrake is now making a strong combination useless, and when some of us have build up a team based on what works that is hopeless. I’ve spent more than 500 hours and tons of gold to level up these toons and now it feels like wasted money and time. I agree that a game needs ongoing balancing but this is way too much.


  1. His reduced damage (-40-50%) on Kill Shot is now making the skill almost useless, the damage on Kill Shot is barely more than 3 normal shots done in the same time used activating the skill (9star lvl61 max skills).
  2. That it only applies to 1 target and not a small area nerf the skill even more, and it then also loose the benefit to get a boost on the charge time for next activation.
  3. When he used Serve and Protect there is a very high chance that the taunting toon will be killed using Mandrake as the majority of opponent will quickly kill him and Mandrake’s invisibility skill is cancelled out.That is if you are able to use the healing skill not being staggered or knocked back loosing the charge with the highly increased number o times this happens after the update (probably a seperate subject).
  4. His Last stand skill has always been useless, it has probably saved me once during 5000 times using him in different games, if in PvP you have 1 toon left the opponent normally have a upper hand with 3-4 toons left so he will be quickly killed anyway and the times you are able to kill an opponent and revive another toon they both die almost instantly anyway due to their low health and being in a tough spot as a starting point.


  1. with Taunted and Marked players his invisibility skill is not helping too much anymore, and it cancel out using him with Gammon.

So a majority of players have invested a lot in building these toons, nerfing them this much at the same time basically make the time and gold spent wasted as you need to restart building up combo’s that now work. To encourage more varied team you shouldn’t ruin the ones that has worked for many of us, you are already doing that by introducing ongoing new and interesting toons which we all are looking into. And by using many of the new toons as the Hero characters for upcoming events and bounties we will all anyway invest in them to support our factions as best as we can competing with others.

I hope you have the chance to get a lot of input from players about this and experienced it yourself playing with the new update active and will modify some of these changes to a more sustainable gameplay as well as making the game a bit more predictive for us to select which toons to invest in for the long term as this takes a lot of time and gold to upgrade to max which all active players would aim for.

PS: Other than these nerf’s I really think you at HH have done and are doing a great job with this game, ongoing updates and a lot of different paths, missions, raids, event for us to enjoy. I’ve been a pro player at both Kill Shot Bravo and Kill Shot virus for years and must say that this game has been a huge step forward in the way you interact with us players and set up the game.

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