March 2019 Events Schedule

The Kurtz we’re fighting against on 13-10 is a mech so.

Kurtz looks like every stereotypical mob boss in ever superhero comic ever.

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It looks like they are trying to stop serious heronium farming by switching out the hero’s so often in gauntlet. I expect to see one hero replaced every month. Don’t be surprised if the month after this hardscope is replaced.

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Why must you hurt me so.

Bring Flatline back to the Gauntlet store.

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finally my favorite faction, so there will be an extra chance to unlock Artemis or am I just exaggerating? :face_with_raised_eyebrow::face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I’m calling it now. Mandrake leprechaun skin.


Ha, I guessed The Watch in another thread. Makes sense since they’re green :joy:

Not surprised about Maven; she’s in gauntlet, hard campaign, AND dailies. Kobold would be my guess for a replacement.


I was just about to make a prediction for the featured hero of the St. Pats event and was gonna say Mandrake would be the obvious featured hero although when Iook at ifrit I see a leprechaun…taller perhaps, but still.

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My guess is that Artemis will get a new skin. Hope she’ll be in the holiday store if that’s the case!


I think best candidate is MANDRAKE for replacement against MAVEN.

If he will join Gauntlet store, It will really be compensatory step of removal of MAVEN.

Btw when update will be made available?

We gonna be needing to know who is gonna replace Maven ASAP if it is a non-heronium farmable hero like ronin then we might aswell use all our gauntlet gems on Maven before she disappears, pls make an update ASAP

What does “non-heronium farmable” mean? Is it a hero whose fragments don’t show up in the heronium store?

Here’s hoping for that

its a hero where you can actually get easy lets say cinder? maybe ryker or beck? obv not ronin

My guess for a maven replacement would be a bio hero within the silver crate. They typically stick to silver crate heroes in gauntlet. Either that or heroes who were recently released but arent easily farmable (like flatline). So its likely either cross, cast, Kobold, or Kaishi. I hope Cast since mine is almost 10

When will we know which heroes will remplace them ?

Probably in the patch notes early next week (given they follow their pattern).

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Im hoping for Wesson and/or Panzer to be replaced in shop.

it’s because both of those heroes were unfarmable for a long time except in alliance store, rng-based shop where hero frags are randomized.

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Panzer would be great. Wesson, is that the old fart? I have vague memories of a guy named Wesson.