PVP Store (who's next to be removed?)

One by one our Tier 1 Boys are removed from the PVP Store.
RazorBack > Gammond (it was a good switch imo but all the more reason they might remove him)
Sentry (on Gold only) > Yellow Trashcan

now, we all know they love Ritcher so much. &
eventually one of our Bois will have to say good bye.

future RIP to:


oh god I just realized Maven was Gone lol

Maybe we can learn to love Mauler and Cast now also since we can farm their fragments and star then up. :slight_smile:
I can see why Hothead does this, to shake the team compositions up.

I didn’t even see razor in pvp store. But next will be pris and gam.

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@JokerAHAHA that would be terrible for me, no hero’s to collect anymore

I can only imagine, Gammond getting replaced by Surge. :nauseated_face::face_vomiting::face_vomiting::face_vomiting:

I would love to see:

Gammond replaced by Surge
Fortress replaced by Oro
Clyde replaced by Steele
Mandrake replaced by Operator
Pris replaced by Castellan (yes, add a second Castellan. Who doesnt want double Castellan?)

(I know irony and sarcasm can be easy to miss on text, so I’ll go ahead and make clear this reply is just a joke and I totally don’t want any of those heroes to be replaced)


If this happens people will feel forced to build these heroes and in the extent, use them on a wider scale. That will lead to the developers realising how badly they all need a rebalance.
I think it’s hard for Hothead to pinpoint the rebalance needs for characters that “no one” uses. They need to collect data from gameplay so making these “unused” heroes available is a good step.

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I think that rotating heroes is good, since, as you say, creates more varied teams.

But taking a good hero out of the store and make them locked behind crates can create a major difference between new and old players. And between new players that were lucky to get him from a crate and those who didn’t.

Also, if PvP store reward sucks, less people will play PvP.

I don’t mind if they rotate heroes, but I’d like the rotated heroes to be equally good. Rotating Sentry for Cast felt like a kick in my parts for me (mostly because my Sentry was already 9*)

What varied teams? Other toons are not viable enough to be farmed. Lol it’s forcing the crap on us and essentially cockblocking people from 10*. Douchey way to extend content imo.

Thats why I said “equally good”. If they rotated Caine into PvP store, I wouldn’t mind Gammond or Drake going out. Since they are equally good (in my personal opinion).

There are a bunch of useful heroes that could be rotated into PvP store.

But getting a hero rotated out for Castellan… That’s… I have no words

@GTSaiko, so that only 5%~ of the players can get 10* hero’s. Removing mandrake would be ridiculous to every player, even when you replace it with hero’s that are decent, they will be useless if they are just at -7* I have 54 hero’s,and I just use 20~ in bounties because they don’t deal any damage, maybe on a 40 points bounty but those are scarce.

How much 6* gold hero’s do you use in a 240 point bounty?

Well, they have rotated PvP heroes at least 3 times with this patch. I don’t know if they have done it before I started playing.

All I’m asking is that, if they are going to do (which I personally dislike since I was getting close to getting my first 10*, and now Im delayed), at least they should replace them with equally good heroes.

…Or replace with not good heroes so that they have a reason for buffing them later on. :slight_smile:
I’m positive here.

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Castellan has been in PvP store since May and I’m still waiting for his buff.

Mh, they are collecting user behavior on him and he will get a huge work over in the next or the nextnext update. These things take time! Also isn’t his portable gun broken i.e. not dealing the damage it’s supposed to deal? I haven’t even tried Castellan out but that’s mainly because I don’t have more than 50 or so fragments of him making him one of the lowest power dudes I have. But I thought he had some shielding ability that made you practically invisible? I am probably wrong.

While his shield is a great skill, its deployed on the floor, not the character. Which means that you may need to abandon the shield to evade certain attacks/skills.

And his turret does really low damage. Not sure if it is because of a bug, or because of the damage/armor interaction, but since his bronze is useless, so its his gold.

But thats another topic :stuck_out_tongue:

Would be great if developers made 4 heroes that change every day(instead of cast, castellan, mauler and pris) and others(gammond, mandrake, matador, fortress, ghoul, clyde) would be pinned instead of changing best heroes you can get out of pvp shop with some heroes you didnt want to get from solo hard missions

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