March Events Calendar

Hey Hunters,

We have created an event calendar for March’s major in-game events so you know ahead of time what is going on in the month of March! We want to keep everyone in the loop with what is going on in-game!

We will be updating it if things change. Please let us know what you think and If you want us to include anything else in the future!

PVP Tournament: Our weekly PVP Tournaments!
Bounty Event: Play the Bounty Event with your Alliance!
3x Raid: On Sundays, all three Daily Raid types are on! Get all your Fragments and Hero XP here!
Brawl: Our new PVP Mode! You will be picking the first ruleset HERE!

Please check in-game the day before the event starts to see Rewards, Bonus Heroes, and other Information

Click on the image to enlarge it

Calendar is subject to change

Changes & Updates made

  • Feb 28
    • New PvP Brawl added on March 25th
  • March 5
    • New PvP Brawl added on March 19th (This will be using the ruleset you voted in on Facebook and the Forums)
    • PvP tournament in the last week of April has been updated (It will now only be 2 days. 27th - 28th)
  • March 13
    • PvP Tournament from 21-22 has been shortened to 1 day, the 21st of March


Thanks again for your time and consideration

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Hi my frend u ok i need help plesae?


What will happen the day 17? (I’m surprised that no one has asked yet :rofl::joy:) @Howitzer


wasn’t the galante tournament supposed to end today not tomorrow ?

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